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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the day of my Soul

the day of my Soul

i clawed feverishly at my chest
seeking to rend my flesh
for therein abided a darkness
that prayer alone could not extricate

as the prophecy foretold
that ill fated demonic seed
found fertile ground
in the hearts of men

and we watered its garden
with false tears
from the reflective pools
of “me-ness”
that reveals us as we are

i suffer an unspeakable anguish
of a cup that can never be filled
for there is a hole in my heart
left by parting of the muses of Divine Virtue

too long has indifference
sat upon “Compassion’s” Throne
and “Grace” relegated to be but a name
a name men call their daughters
or in rote speak its empty words
before partaking a meal

i am pained
when i look upon the smiles
of the children
whose promise fade in the ether
like the wisping smoke
of a dying fire
for its fuel is no more

i have found solace
in all its brevity
in the laying of my head
upon the breast of many a damsel . . .
but all good things do come to an end
that we may discover new beginnings

so i rise
with jaded visions within my eyes
that i again may walk
my crooked path
seeking dreams of actualized clarity
of this illusion’s influence
but it is not to be

for what is “FREE”
but a word of distraction

and in the mis-exaction of task
i have asked of my self
many times
within the lines
of many rhymes
to what end ?

we curse our verse
with such examination
faintly elated
in our conclusions
never sated

for that ever present darkness
with its semi-onmipresence
infects all i touch
and such is why
i deny it
for prayer alone
will not resurrect the one
who sat on the throne within
yes, i defy the allusion

so, i am
a flesh painted with contusions
borne of insistence
to come to a resolution
amidst the world of confusion

again and again
i claw feverishly at my chest
seeking to rend that flesh
that entombs such a death of spirit
to liberate self
that i may extricate this darkness
which has found its way
into the Day of my Soul

(c) 19 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Janet Caldwell said...

LOVE it, shared all over...xoxo

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

Thank you so much Dear Janet . . .