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Saturday, December 10, 2011

the battle of reason

the battle of reason

the greatest battle i ever fought
‘twas betwixt
what i aught
what i bought
and what i sought
all for naught
and now i am taut
caught up


season in
season out
the bout
of examination
and doubt
goes on
and on

i justify
did i say justify
silly guy

well . . .
i do it over
and over
and again
defend it i do
to end
it i do
how about you

thinking one’s mind
is one’s best friend
may be a mistake
one should take
stock of
with out the gloves
self affirmation
what do you think
any confirmation
or affirmation
to this contemplation
oh, i did say affirmation twice
or thrice ?
let me confirm this

damn condemnation
what is your aspiration
in this deliberation
have any

i bet

for in the summation
of things
all things
thoughts have wings
and most times not
unless we admit our delusions
and the confusion
found in the verity
of clarity
falsely induced
because we can
man !

wait . . .
i hear the ground troops coming
what chance do they have
against the artillery
of my self righteousness
i had to ask
you know
for reason most times
is subject to
our derelictions
and the direction
the wind blows
or some pretty skirt
or the feel of the dirt
‘tween our toes
if we are shoeless
heaven knows
but that is not reasonable
is it

i look for light
and if it comes not
of it’s own volition
so i take the position
that i am in control
another supposition
with variable conditions

oh, the light,
i turn it on
flipping that switch
i can not find

so i pretend to
do that
what ?
flip that switch
of reason back on
in my own mind
and those who would listen
did i say that again ?
what ? . . .  listen

and as i said
season after season
there is no pleasin’
one’s perspectives
of reason
at least not
while the battle is going on

and if you hang around long enough
i will some day write a reason
for a poem such as this
if that’s what you want to call it

wait a minute
let me think about that

hhhhhmmmmmmm . .  . .
let me reason this out

(c) 10 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.
the battle of reason

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