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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh how he missed what he never had

oh how he missed what he never had

he had heard whispers
amongst the elders
about this time of year
which they called Christmas

why one time he even saw a picture
of some fat guy with a white beard
dressed in red
with a sack on his back
filled with wrapped boxes and stuff

but he said to himself
enough of this nonsense
cause he could not make sense
what this was all about

his doubt
as to the truth of the whispers
about giving gifts
to the youth
for he knew
that people cared not
about such things these days

and if it was ever true
the ways of things
most certainly have changed

what could one possibly give to another
their Brothers, their Sisters
that was meaningful
other than
their ear to listen
their hands to hold
their smile to share
their love
as they shared tears
of joys
and sadness

yet still there was a certain curiosity
that he seemed to somehow recognize
and his eyes began to feel wizened
as they misted with feeling
and he did not understand this

there was a kinship to the stories
a distant familiarity
about what the elders whispered

something about Fireplaces
and decorated trees
the singing of songs
the glee the children shared
as smiles adorned their faces
as they prepared
for that magical day
they called Christmas

oh how he missed what he never had

(c) 19 December 2011

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