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Monday, September 26, 2011

in this journey

in this journey

in this journey
i have struggled to understand
i have struggled to gain Clarity
capture him
in my own reason
and bend him to my will
but he would not comply
nor listen

in this journey
i have tired
and i needed to rest
so i sat in my own mess
and i found solace
in giving up
not fighting
the internal battle
with “Self”

in this journey
the voices dissipated
scattered in to other regions
perhaps the minds of others
and a quiet prevailed
and my spirit sailed
the Seas
of what i could come to be
and once again
my thoughts soared
the skies of possibilities
for clarity
had come
to visit my empty soul
and whisper
the key to my understanding
in this journey . . .


© 26 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

the Reverence of the Day

the Reverence of the Day

i come to this day
with reverence
for all is Holy
as am i

i walk upon the Earth
that of Mother
and i am grounded
in reality

i look to the Sky
and i am reminded
of Life’s endless possibilities
so i dream

i look to Mountains
and my Faith is reaffirmed
for they were here yesterday
standing strong
as i too shall be

i look to the Sun
and i am blinded
by the sheer Wonder
of the Light
i am embraced by its warmth
and life acknowledges
that i am loved

the Trees sway
into my consciousness
and i breathe them in
as they do i
for all life
is symbiotic
and in perfect balance

i so love the Clouds
as they drift
to and fro
creating shapes
of things to come

sounds of life
are all about
within me as well
my heart beat
my breath
the sound of my thoughts
and i am alive
standing in the midst of Creation
looking out
at . . .

The reverence of the Day

© 26 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sweet sighs . . .

sweet sighs

the fruit ‘tis almost ripened my child
come have a sit in the garden
while we await the hands of Time
to sweeten the offering

soon come the Angels
gathering from the Vine
the grapes of our understandings
harvest approaches my love

observe the patience of the Wind
He stirs not at this time
for even He must rest
in the Joy of this magnificent color
when Autumn in Her indomitable Regality
sets the passions of men aflame
in the color of Winter’s quiet promise

a promise of hearts clinging together
in warm embrace
while we the Children
partake of Life’s sweetness
of the toil realized
in the plucking
and picking
and canning
and planning
for the Hibernation from life
in life
while we await the Spring

come my child
have a seat in the Garden
bring with you
your ardent dreams
and we shall share a passion
or two
as we await the fruit
of life
you and i

sweet sighs

© 25 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

but a picture

but a picture

i looked at her picture
and idle imaginings
began to transform
and take shape
in visions
and thought
of possibilities

there was a tinge
somewhere in the deep recesses
of me
as the light of a wondrous consciousness
came upon me
and gave credence
unto its self
that resonates
with this scent
found in . . .

but a picture

© 25 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

every thought

every thought

every thought
is worthy of space
which is why it comes to us
to claim our cerebral emptiness
for we are yet to be fulfilled

the light of understanding
vies for our love
and attention
yet we are busy
seeking other things
things that intoxicate us
and move us away from now

we call them such things
as dreams
and visions
and wants
and desires
yet the fires within our Souls
are not being fed
the fuel required
that our lights may ascend
back to that of the Holy

and every thought
that invades our consciousness
is not evaluated
in circumspect
of it’s worthiness
we engage them
don’t we
with very little reflection
as to their validity
or equanimity
to the balance of life

though every thought
may not be of good service
to our greater good
we embrace them
and at times
give face to them
and their haunting
as the joust and jaunt
their way into meaning

this is just a thought for me
for you
about . . .
every thought

what are your thoughts ?

© 24 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Invasion of the Light

Invasion of the Light

the light has been watching us
for aeons
attempting to guide us
to the heart of matter
but we clung to the illusion

pinned upon the canopy of consciousness
twinkling as Stars
in our dark nights
hoping we would notice
and hear
the resonance
within our souls
did we listen ?

no we chose to dream
of that which Soul knew

we know of Heaven
for it resides in all things
but only within
has it not been diluted
by our feeble attempts
to define our selves

without we have substituted our divinity
with delusion
seeking to build our esteems
of worthiness
upon foundations in the sands
of time
yet time is a construct as well
as is space
for naught lies betwixt
the Progenitor
my Father and i

our lights have been cloaked
in veils of deceits
that we have ingested
and never tested
for authenticity
until now

and we stand
searching for certainty
and certainly
we know
there is something grande
about man

and in our darkness
we stand
with the eye of Horus
that we are blinded
by the light

walking this crooked path
homeward bound
we clown
with such things as doctrine
temples of visions
with no basis

and the faces of the children
have lost our trust
in the divine
that is thine and mine

so now
the light
to resurrect the sum
of who we are

will we stand
or cower in the shadows
that are short lived

for now proceeds forth
piercing the night
the invasion of the light

© 23 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Monday, September 19, 2011

you here with me

you here with me

i have dreamed the dream
of my 40 Virgins
and i was given a thousand
yet they are despoiled
in the presence
of thy Divine Etheric Beauty

i know the road was not easy
and i have been here
waiting your arrival

over the many aeons
of being apart
i have suffered
as i know thou has
as well

i dreamed of things
that i may distract myself
from what was missing in my life
but they would not do
they only served to annoy me

i dreamed of other souls
that would perhaps come
and cajole my anxieties
into pleasure
but my love
you are the only treasure i desire
you are that spark
that ignites this soul’s fire
to yearn for completion

i am not whole
without you
i am but a vagrant soul
drifting upon the winds of eternity
diligently eyeing
the plains
the fabric of space
praying that one day
i may fall
from these clouds
of complacent illusion
and land
in a place of understanding
where i may
for all the rest of days
that are held
within the breath of infinity

i wish but to
see you face again
embrace you again
taste you again
and again
until the endless fabric
of God
comes undone
and we know
that can not be

we are destined
to be again as one

one love
one heart
one thought
one breath

i shall withhold my breath of hope
until my lips are upon that of thine own
for  thou art mine

and i shall exhale
in reverent gratitude
as our journey to self
found in each other
with the waking from the Dream
becoming as it should be
with . . .
you here with me

© 19 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

within and without

within and without

i stood in the doorway
facing outward
of my shed
where i concocted life

there was sunshine
and wind

i stepped out
and the light of possibilities
embraced me
from all directions
for me
it was a new day

yes the shed now appeared dark
but i had light
for i made my own
within the walls
where limitations
and boundaries prevailed

i manufactured my dreams
and now i step out
to embrace them
live them
be them

brother Wind snatched
my imaginings
and took them
to the “Lands of  Fruition”
and i smile
the smile of a child
that no longer is faced
with limitations
for the world of wonder
is before me
behind me
to my side
all about me
and without

19 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

teach them to be Warriors

teach them to be Warriors

a Warrior
heart on his sleeve
living a life of wonder
with expectation
of the coming conquest
and thus the battle
of spirituality
within the realms of the divine
found upon fields of love

feelings restrained
is the Warriors discipline
taught over the ages

hopes entombed
by the same amour
to protect his heart
from the perils of engagement
and shadows
where understanding
and compliance
dare not tread

winning was all that mattered
to conquer love
to conquer affection
to conquer self
his inhibitions
and his cautions
and grasp the prize
held in his eyes
of pending joys of forever
the spoils of love

he had no angst
against the Fair Maiden
whose adorations he pursued
there was not a sliver of darkness
just unfettered hopes
of Forever’s expressions
of the unending infinite
and eternal bliss

his intentions were unspoiled
and as pristine
as the new brook
formed from the new morns dew
that caressed
and kissed the side of the mountain
ushering forth new life
new wonder
new color
new music
spawned in the allure
of creation

all he desired
was a mutuality
found in embrace of love
and she held his vision
for he the Warrior
was captured
by the aura
of her Divine presence

the essence
of this siege
began to unfold
and the story hopefully told
to the children to come
will be of the magic
and the sum exponential
that love effects

let not the suspect
be the finality
when alternative realities
spoil the spoils

let not the taste
of this sweet fruit

let the children
embrace the hearts
of imaginations
with elation
of the prospects of love

teach them too
to dream
to hope
to believe
in it
every finite minute
of their waking life
for that is of the Divine

teach them to be Warriors

of love

© 18 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the Cock Crew

the Cock Crew

i looked over the horizon
where a faint light peeked
and i hear the Cock Crow

i saw my self as Peter
standing in the garden
heart pounding
remembering the words

i saw my self again
in the garden of my grandfather
to the sounds of the dawn
awaken my consciousness
of yet another day

is this the way of life
we embraced by all that is divine
and we stand in denial
of thine and mine
our God likeness
our light

and the Cock Crew
and i knew
once again
that opportunity for truth
eluded me
in my now
right here

and my dear
i was alright with this
for the kiss
of forgiveness
was upon the lips
of my judgment
and it could not speak
words of condemnation

and the overt sensation
of joy
of a love
by the understandings of man
was mine
and is thine
as we listen
to the Cock Crow

© 16 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Forever Dreams

Forever Dreams

we had dreams of forever
you and i
and we explored the possibilities

we came together
hearts longing
for solace
and joy

i held your hand
you held my heart
and my soul smile
for that brief moment
in eternity

i reflect
with a wavering certainty
looking for answers
to questions
i can not formulate

i do know now
many things
about self
about you
about life

i have been down this path
for it sure resembles
another place
another time

but this time
i heard music
and the rhyme
of the lyrics
would not allow me
to excuse it
for my heart was dancing
with a wonder
of what tomorrow may bring

know that you
have given me song
and i sing
for i realize now
with my eyes wide open
that i will continue to dream
though this one appears broken

so i take this moment
in my forever dreams
to thank you
with the utmost humility
for above all
your civility
makes the dreaming worthwhile

and though our styles may differ
our walk may differ
our thought may differ
our embrace may differ
our desires may differ
our spirits may differ
our lives may differ
almost completely
i am replete
for i still yet have
forever dreams

© 17 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.



here i sit
in a total awe like wonder
of this moment

i sense
and i am conscious
of the coming season
my spiritual spring

listen to the voices of the children
as it dances across the meadows to greet my ears
with it’s reminiscent glee
and i remember me
when i too was a child
a child of wonder
and i wonder
where has that child gone

i look in the distant
and i still see the snow capped mountains
and the fountains
are opening
to pour forth their graceful transformance
from snow to streams
to thought from dreams
i embrace this moment

and i listen to what ever may come my way
i hear the birds chirping
with life
and that old boy in me
remembers as well
the stories birds can tell
of joy in me
and i taste
and embrace
and welcome it

are the birds calling to me
to become aware
yes they are

and in the not too far field
i see a family of partridge
scratching the surface
which is now semi thawed
and in this wonderful awed presence
i realize i am present
as i observe their hunt for breakfast
seeking the grub worm
who has ventured too close
to the surface of mother
in it’s quest to feel the warmth of the sun

and in this slight window of epiphany
i feel the one
the vibration of  being
peeking through me
and i am too seeing

there is a non-jaded sense of my humanity
floating to the landscape of my skin
and i am vibrating  within
to my without

and with no residual doubt
i am thankful
to just sit here
in a total awe like wonder
of this moment
watching the scent of spring
in to my consciousness


© 23 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

know thyself

know thyself

the expression
of who i am
is but a fallacy
unto what i am

and what i may
hope to become
is a mere shadow
of from whence
i come

and if by chance
or providence
i should open this eye
that sees beyond
my limitations
i will realize
that the imitations
of life
are but that

we play these mind games
with our realities
teasing our greater self
and thus we live in frustration
practicing a sort of
spiritual masturbation

for some-where
deep within our core
we are aware
of that sacred door
which opens to that land
where we were spawned
the land
of the eternal dawn
for all is of the light
of knowing

and though we may be sowing
seeds here on this journey
this path
what we possess within
what we hath
is beyond
our empirical recognition

and this condition
we have endured
will be moored
at the docks
of illusion
and our spiritual contusions
will be healed

and the sacred book of light
will be unsealed
and all the Dark Souls
with Holes
shall be filled

and the frills
and lace
we have adorned
the faces of our lives with
shall be lost in the shift
as we become
the sum
of what we were sent here for
let the door be opened

the expression of who i am
know thyself

© 12 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

what say you

what say you

synonymous realities
stretching the fabric
implanting wrinkles in space
and time

we look to the surreal aspects
of our lives
in lieu of doing

should we be molding
condensing our greater selves
into the finite
which we call night,
or expanding
soul reveal its self
unto its self
unto life

the quickening is upon us
and doggone us
if we do not awaken now
i fear we shall not
and be forgotten
just as so many dreams
to disappear
into the ether
of the nothingness

within each of our voids
that abyss of the unknown
we can implant
a word
a tone
that creates the new dawn
we so sorely need
God did !

“let there be light”
spoken in our night
ushers forth
a belief
a knowing
that our souls
are capable of sowing
the seeds of the change
we need
in this poisoned garden

we must till the ground
the foundations
of our allowed indoctrinations
and uproot the weeds
of our greed
for complacency
and indifference
without deference
or our suffering
will become eternal

if but one kernel
of shadow is left
in our hearts
the shadows will have won

and that one love
we spoke about
shall never see the light
of our individual days
will never be visual
in our ways

what say you

© 13 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

in but a dream

in but a dream

quietly listening
for the bell to ring
not knowing
the rogues
have stolen it from the steeple

and the people asked
who would do such a thing
an act so unholy

the innocent idiots pondered
with a disconnected wonder
from real reality
but they knew

the Village remained asleep
for in truth
no one really wanted to awaken
and face the toil of the day
which mirrored all their yesterdays
as far as they could embracingly remember

dreams were much more comforting
and in their conscious hours
that is all they spoke of
the maybes
and the babies
of this wondrous cosmic illusion

within the compartments of mind
we manufactured
closets filled with treasures
and we take pleasure
in our fractured understandings
in seeking and peeking
taking inventory
of our vain glory
and the possibilities
and sharing
the esteem
we somehow believe we possess
in but a dream

© 13 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Monday, September 12, 2011

i want to

i want to

i want to hold you
in my forever
and find the clever magic
that binds you to my soul

i want to lay my weary head
upon your breast
and listen to eternity
come to be
in the ever beating
of your heart for me

i want to look
into your eyes
submit all that i am
to your every wish
or whim
for i am him
who has come
that my sum
may be enhanced
as the angels dance
celebrating our union

i want to be your smile
and your joy
and be the one
who deploys
the bliss you seek
as i kiss you meekly
upon your cheek
your lips of sweet

i want to be the one

© 12 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

eternal soul

eternal soul

kiss me my sweet
upon the lips
of my eternal soul

let all of me
all that ever was
know of thy love

i embrace you
in my dreams
for it seems
that there
lies the highest expression
of my joy
my bliss
in that kiss
you impart
upon the heart
of my soul

kiss me my sweet
upon the lips
of my eternal soul

© 12 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i want to dream with you

i want to dream with you

i want to dream with you
i want our souls to connect
and embrace the wonder of our memories
and dream our way back home

i want to dream with you
i wish for us to walk
hand in hand
thought in thought
with one focus
the fruition
as one

i want to dream with you
i want us to kneel
by the alter of life together
and recite the solemn vows
promising to abstain
from all else but thee
you and me
none else

i want to dream with you
i want to build castles on hills
and let out glorious countenance of love
be a beacon
for all who are seeking
the understanding
of what love of another truly is
let us be that model

i want to dream with you
yes, i want to dreams and actualize
and let our garden be overtly abundant
with a sweet fruit
that feeds the world
of all who is hungry
that they may dream too
let my seed be ever embraced
in the womb of your love

i want to dream with you
i want us to dream of music
i want to dream of the dance we share
thjat which dances the cares of men
into the shadows of nothingness
where they belong
can we sing the song
i hear it

i want to dream with you

© 5 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

playing Hide and Seek
with reality
deliberately creating surreal moments
sewing them together
with suspicious web works
to create a sticky fabric
that catches all of Truth’s
insectious annoying nuances
that they may starve
and die
and not upset the show
that is playing in the theatres
of my mind

up and close
and personal
we now have the man
who thought he was
and almost convinced the world
that he was not
how he saw himself”

and there is a plethora of wealth
we all have
that allows us to buy new suits
new costumes
new wardrobes
so that we do not get bored
with the same outfits
and the same old stories
and scripts
that are spoken
from the lips of our souls

would that be an actual
or another infatuation
with the lies
we realize
in the fabrication
we have deemed real

are we but jester
with painted faces
and colorful uniforms
and bizarre outfits
trying to fit into
some magical fairy tale world
of happily ever after

fuck it
if it don’t fit
force that bitch
just bend life over
and give it a nudge from behind

some like getting it from behind
and they will go out and buy the lubricant
over and over again
so that their so called friends
can wear smiles

and while i am doing so
let me count the tile again
upon the floor
where my sunshine has fallen
from the sky
and i ask why
as i have done
since i can remember
but i can not remember
last September
for i have chosen to forget
the shit
my life has become

so i play . . . Hide and Seek

© 26 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

so i simply request

so i simply request

take my wounded soul
and lay it upon
the Butcher’s Block
and carve the darkness from my light

let my anguished spirit
bleed upon the floor
and run to that chasmic cosmic drain
that i know of it no more

let me heal
dress me with Sage and Curry
that i may be again
tasteful for the weary wayfarer
for they come
hungry for sustenance

there are memories
i have closed off
hoping the void
will steal their life
memories of undue strife
when “Karma” was blind
and “Reciprocity” was crippled
and “Balance”
drunken with its own image

Vanity was the rue
of that eternal day
and now we seek
a sort of justice
is it “just us”
or does every Soul
walk this ill fated path

tears matter much not
for relief is but a fleeting fancy
for you, for me, for Nancy
the pictures she Drew
were suspect at best
and everyone was guilty
and the mystery continued on

and in this reflection
detection of what ails me
is not amiss any more
for the score keeper
the jester and the weeper
have presented themselves
in the name of retribution
yet bearing no solution

so i simply request

take my wounded soul
and lay it upon
the Butcher’s Block
and carve the darkness from my light

© 6 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

foot steps

foot steps

the sound of foot steps
walking into consciousness
kicking stones
in ordered gait

crunch is the sound
as the soul of my soles
steps upon scattered ideals

life in its truest form
is sparse at best
along the way
but did i notice
did i place my feet
with awareness

callousness cloaked
with errant cloth of reality
has captured my vision
and my dreaming
is finite

have i forgotten completely
to trust in the magic of “I”

we roll back the blinds
and sit in the pews
and are content
with the 5 letter “F” word

will it ever be enough
bring defined by the unseen
or do i long
for the sparkle
of midnight embraced stars
i call wonder

i wonder

is this the eternal destiny
to but listen
to the sound
footsteps ?

© 6 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

we are love

we are love

now that i know of you
your projected essence
like that of a spring budding rose
entices me to long for a visit
to your garden
where my ardent heart
may witness your regal wonder

to be in your very presence
is a blessing
and i prostrate all that i am
for your beauty overwhelms me

your spirit reaches and embraces me
and i come to know
that i am more than i ever thought,
for your touch
has reopened my heart of wonder
and now i am dancing

two souls as twin mates
butterflies in the garden
pollinating our thoughts
our visions

our love reunited
the symphony of Angels
playing our concordant melodies
harmonizing all things
about us
for all is of wonder

i touch you
and i am carried away
into a far away land
where bliss drips
from our sweetened lips
for the kisses we have shared
has bared the divinity of our soul

my longings are finitely shortened
and stands before me
its fruit here before me
to partake as i please
and i am pleased

and God smiles
the Sun Shines
the Moon Shimmers
and the Stars Twinkle
as our hearts are reunited
with clarity
in the “Know”
that we have always been
where we are
who we are
for . . .
we are love

© 6 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

an allegory

i left Heaven in search of Eden. i was seeking  the Wonder of all Creation.
what i found . . . in every circumspective footstep, in every reflection . . . i was the Wonder of Eden, i  was what i always sought.


an allegory

like the Prodigal Son
i left home
seeking an uncertain wonder
that lie beyond

the rumors
and myths
and stories told
enticed me
to come see
for my self

i gathered my wealth
or so i thought
and i bought me a ticket
and the gate keeper clicked it
and let me slide on down
to this mound of ground
and water
you call earth
where the children
supposedly are filled with mirth

what i found
on this mound you call ground
was quite amusing at first
those spirits were tight
and terse
i immersed my self
in this playground
on this mound you call ground

as time went by
i lost my zeal
for the light of appeal
with obligations
and tools
people used
against each other
yet somehow
they managed to call each other
Sister and Brother
they use a different Dictionary i see
not the kind we used
back where i’m from

and to sum it up
i emptied my cup
and filled it with
and Doubts
and Fears
and many other
and delusions
i collected as truths
over the years

this slow place of the slowed beings
are not seeing
the light
but the reflection
in circumspection
of our introspection

for when we do happen
to look within
we again
will come to realize
that our eyes fools us
trust me
we never left home

and the Prodigal Son
is but another allegory
a Story
for wayward wonderers
such as you and i

© 5 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

a dream with my love

a dream with my love

it is about 6 AM
a rainy Wednesday morning
half awake
for no apparent reason

no agendas
no office
no telephone calls
no beaming sunshine
through the window shades
just incessant solace
the sound of the pitter patter
of raindrops abundant
ushers presence upon our spirits

you in my eyes
i in yours
smiling souls
grateful for this eternal moment

crumple sheets
strewn about our bodies
400 count i think
but who is counting who has time to think of such things
when we have “this” moment

memories of Morning’s
dim gray twilight
our bodies entangled
breathing each others ecstasy

and the exchange
of our urgency
our fervency
to become closer
than our bodies would allow
but we tried just the same
while calling each other’s name
and Gods

our reverent approach
to that garden’s gate
where our longings
were to be satiated

and we tasted the fruit
and the juices
of our passionate flowing
wasting not a single drop

and now
the heavens are crying
the pitter patter of the rain
a noise just above the somber silence
of our gracious hearts
beating to love’s rhythms

heaven’s tears of anguish
that comes
with such a heightened bliss
and each kiss we share
reminds us of this moment
we have shared
within the infiniteness

and we smile
we come together
and we kiss
paying sacred homage
at 6 AM
on this rainy Wednesday morning

a dream with my love

© 1 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

and then there was you

and then there was you

i had dreams
of beautiful things
beautiful times
beautiful feelings
dreams of beauty

and i never knew
they would present themselves
into my present
and become my present
in my presence

and then there was you

i have shed tears for love

i have shed tears for love

the anguish she introduces
to our lives
is unbearable at time
or so it seems

in my dreams
i never expected
naught but the joy
the answering of my expectations
the elation
the celebration
when i held her

for she, Love
owns my heart
and every time she leaves
she rips a piece of it off
with no anesthesia
and takes it with her

as i said
the pain  seems unbearable
i have shed tears for love

© 25 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.