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Saturday, September 17, 2011



here i sit
in a total awe like wonder
of this moment

i sense
and i am conscious
of the coming season
my spiritual spring

listen to the voices of the children
as it dances across the meadows to greet my ears
with it’s reminiscent glee
and i remember me
when i too was a child
a child of wonder
and i wonder
where has that child gone

i look in the distant
and i still see the snow capped mountains
and the fountains
are opening
to pour forth their graceful transformance
from snow to streams
to thought from dreams
i embrace this moment

and i listen to what ever may come my way
i hear the birds chirping
with life
and that old boy in me
remembers as well
the stories birds can tell
of joy in me
and i taste
and embrace
and welcome it

are the birds calling to me
to become aware
yes they are

and in the not too far field
i see a family of partridge
scratching the surface
which is now semi thawed
and in this wonderful awed presence
i realize i am present
as i observe their hunt for breakfast
seeking the grub worm
who has ventured too close
to the surface of mother
in it’s quest to feel the warmth of the sun

and in this slight window of epiphany
i feel the one
the vibration of  being
peeking through me
and i am too seeing

there is a non-jaded sense of my humanity
floating to the landscape of my skin
and i am vibrating  within
to my without

and with no residual doubt
i am thankful
to just sit here
in a total awe like wonder
of this moment
watching the scent of spring
in to my consciousness


© 23 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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