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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

know thyself

know thyself

the expression
of who i am
is but a fallacy
unto what i am

and what i may
hope to become
is a mere shadow
of from whence
i come

and if by chance
or providence
i should open this eye
that sees beyond
my limitations
i will realize
that the imitations
of life
are but that

we play these mind games
with our realities
teasing our greater self
and thus we live in frustration
practicing a sort of
spiritual masturbation

for some-where
deep within our core
we are aware
of that sacred door
which opens to that land
where we were spawned
the land
of the eternal dawn
for all is of the light
of knowing

and though we may be sowing
seeds here on this journey
this path
what we possess within
what we hath
is beyond
our empirical recognition

and this condition
we have endured
will be moored
at the docks
of illusion
and our spiritual contusions
will be healed

and the sacred book of light
will be unsealed
and all the Dark Souls
with Holes
shall be filled

and the frills
and lace
we have adorned
the faces of our lives with
shall be lost in the shift
as we become
the sum
of what we were sent here for
let the door be opened

the expression of who i am
know thyself

© 12 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Janet said...

Love it....always...xo

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

all love to you all the time Dear Janet . . .