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Sunday, September 18, 2011

teach them to be Warriors

teach them to be Warriors

a Warrior
heart on his sleeve
living a life of wonder
with expectation
of the coming conquest
and thus the battle
of spirituality
within the realms of the divine
found upon fields of love

feelings restrained
is the Warriors discipline
taught over the ages

hopes entombed
by the same amour
to protect his heart
from the perils of engagement
and shadows
where understanding
and compliance
dare not tread

winning was all that mattered
to conquer love
to conquer affection
to conquer self
his inhibitions
and his cautions
and grasp the prize
held in his eyes
of pending joys of forever
the spoils of love

he had no angst
against the Fair Maiden
whose adorations he pursued
there was not a sliver of darkness
just unfettered hopes
of Forever’s expressions
of the unending infinite
and eternal bliss

his intentions were unspoiled
and as pristine
as the new brook
formed from the new morns dew
that caressed
and kissed the side of the mountain
ushering forth new life
new wonder
new color
new music
spawned in the allure
of creation

all he desired
was a mutuality
found in embrace of love
and she held his vision
for he the Warrior
was captured
by the aura
of her Divine presence

the essence
of this siege
began to unfold
and the story hopefully told
to the children to come
will be of the magic
and the sum exponential
that love effects

let not the suspect
be the finality
when alternative realities
spoil the spoils

let not the taste
of this sweet fruit

let the children
embrace the hearts
of imaginations
with elation
of the prospects of love

teach them too
to dream
to hope
to believe
in it
every finite minute
of their waking life
for that is of the Divine

teach them to be Warriors

of love

© 18 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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