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Sunday, September 4, 2011

and i smile . . . because you are

and i smile . . . because you are

are like grains of sand
upon this pristine lonely beach
where my consciousness
has cast it’s anchor
and each one
is of you

i have no need
of my sails
for my dream is fulfilled

my sextant and my rudder
have served me true
served me well

i sit here in contemplation
reflecting on the voyage past

the turbulent seas
the storms
the long hot days
and damp cold nights
and i smile

i smile now
but the voyage . . .
it was not so easy

i prayed for land
so many times
but all i was given
was endless horizons
regardless of the direction
i took
or directions i looked
all i saw was
. . .  possibilities

they came to me
in the Ocean’s swell
telling me of Sailors
like i
who could not see
the promise

as my tomorrows
became my yesterdays
i began to think
i had lost my way
but my heart knew
of this place
my ultimate destination

it whispered as one
with the nymphs and muses
of the Sea
evoking visions
for this unknown land
this beach

a place where it’s certainty
became my reality and certainly
i am eternally grateful

and as i lay my head
in these sands of thoughts
of the journey
and what it now reveals
i can do naught
but dance my soul
into an exhaustive slumber
with all that i am
embracing our one-ness
one nest
each as our own
in blissful reunion

and i smile
because you are

© 3 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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