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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Utopic Dreams
a Memorial Day Salute

when it comes to Memorial Day
you may say
that i am not appreciative
and i am not
and i have not forgot
those who have sacrificed
their lives
that we may
hold on
to the standards of out living

i am one
who can never condone a war
of any type
when it comes
to the taking of life

you see
they are my Brothers
my Sisters
who died
on both sides

Mothers lamenting
the loss of their sons
the lands of the people
because of greed
take heed my friend
for we need to amend
our ways
our thoughts

and i know
there is always that one
that shining Asshole
who convinces the people
of their sovergnty
that this is a thing
we must do
i beg to differ

The Hitlers must be stopped
as well as the Noriegas
the Idi, the Amins
the Bushes
who go unseen
because we are blinded
by a term
we have come to endear
called “Patriotism”

and what about all those would be Khans
who wave that magic wand
through the news
to alter the views
persuading the people
to forget their humanity
yes . . . dammit
that we would listen
don’t we know better by now ?

and you Sacred Text
is full of such accounts
of people
who kill in the name of . . .
defaming my spirituality
and i can only SMDH

and what about those
who toes
never touch the field of battle
they but dictate
how you should lose your life
and why
and i ask “Why”
as my soul cries these tears
with no resolution

and get a 3 legged pony
for that crippled spirit
Joseph Kony
tie him to it
and shit
along with his dark cross
of despair
for all the souls
who are deprived
the air of life

they do this
because they have an agenda
that is not to your best interest
did you hear what i said

but you have been elected
to die for them

and History continually recycles it’s self
changing Uniforms and Names
and geographics
that we not clearly see
we do not have to die for them
for you
for me
we can choose to live
if we but stop the hate
and learn to love
self and others
for in the end scheme
just like Martin’s dream
we are all
Sisters and Brothers

and the Lenins
who be beginning
these surges
of frivolous mouth frothing madness
of people against people
perhaps i shall pray for them
perhaps not
but right now
all i can do is “Imagine”
isn’t that what Lennon said
but he is dead now
or is he ?

the Caesars
the pleasers
the Republicans
persuading the Publicans
from Christ to Rome
from Doctrine
to Dome
the Rote
the Rites
that usher forth Night
steal our Children’s Suns
and if you blink your eye
another War has begun

so memorial day is here
and i pray i remember
the value of life
the smile of a Son
and it’s meaning to his Mother
that shall never see it again

may these words be my memorial
and thus become a reality
where our frailties
our propensity
to kill each other
my Sister my Brother
show up no more

Memorial Day . . . Remembering Eden

Utopic Dreams

Dedicated for my Children’s unknowing smiles

© 27 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Source :

I would like to compile a list of warmongers prominent politicians, journalists, authors, artists, leaders, businessmen, academics, groups, etc. especially those who fan a flame between East and West, hoping to lead more wars and destruction. I would appreciate your help. Here are some names for starters:

Robert Spencer
Osama Bin Laden,
Ali Sina,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
Bill Warner,
Mulla Omar,
Bill Graham,
David Horowitz,
Daniel Pipes,
Rush Limbaugh,
Michael Savage,
Glenn Beck,
Joseph Alois Ratzinger,
Dick Cheney,
Donald Rumsfeld,
The Bushes,
Left-Behind Crusaders,
Troops of Monkeys,
The Military Industrial Complex

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Announcing : June Book Releases

We at Inner Child Press are happy to announce the release of 3 New Books scheduled for June 1st 2012. These offerings are Poetry and will be available on Amazon . . . Kindle and at Inner Child Press.
The Authors are : Alfreda D. Ghee . . . Dr. John R. Strum and Carlus L. Wilmot. All of the Authors are a part of our Inner Child Family. Take some time and congratulate them.

Additional Authors to be release in June include :
Monte Smith, Street Poet . . . Don't Shoot the Hostages
Purify Love . . .  Getting to know me
Rosalind Cherry  . . . Words of Music

Friday, May 25, 2012

Metaphoric dreams

Metaphoric dreams

it seems like i have been dreaming about her for aeons
i often thought of what she would look like
the visions i conjured were all alluring
and moved me in ways i speak not of
save in my own private chambers
of sweaty passionate nights

speaking of nights
many of them i was rendered sleepless
hoping the phone would ring
or there would be that unexpected
yet desired
knock at my door
but it never came
but it was nice to dream any way

it was those dreams
those damn “Someday” dreams
from Monday through Sunday dreams
that made all this loneliness bearable

yes . . .  she would fix it all for me

i used to draw pictures
doodling i think they called it
i could see her face clearly in my head
but i was never quite able to get it on paper
pretty much like that poem
i can not quite grasp
the non-conclusive elusive stuff

i have examined every detail of her face
her body
to include all the secret places
i would discover
that evoked her smiles and giggles
i loved when she wiggled like that
while laying next to me

i could smell her
yes smell her
and taste the texture
of her lips upon my own
who would have known
that this day would truly show up

and i think my eyes are open
for surely my nose was
i am but a mindless puppet
for her
but i don’t mind
just as long as i can
hold on to my
Metaphoric dreams

© 25 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Monday, May 21, 2012

ANNOUNCING : A Gathering of Words . . .Poetry and Commentary for Trayvon Martin


Available Exclusively
Inner Child Press
Offering Includes
Forward by : L. Michelle Odom
Preface by : Cheryl Faison of Poetry Pyramid
Tantra Zawadi
Lyrical Movements
Robert Gibbons
Shareef Abdur-Rasheed
Urban VooDoo
William S. Peters, Sr.
Unseen Poet
Quise "The Notebook" Williams
June Barefield
Xaiden / Jahdai Ink
Vickie Acquah
Ishmael Street 60
Opeyemi Joe
Bruce George
Monte Smith, Street Poet
Solomon Commisiong
Gabe Roasles, Zulu Nation
Jill Delbridge, The Artist Lounge
Tshombe Sekou
Winston Warrior
Cheryl Cooley, Klymaxx
Jamie Bond, UnMuted Ink
Purify Love
Rosemarie Howard
Kelli Songbird, P.A.I.N.
(Poets Against Injustice Nationally)
and many, many more . . . .
Historic Speeches
Birmingham Jail Letter : Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Ballot or the Bullet : Malcom X
Angel Davis
Stokely Carmichael
The Poetry of Tupac Shakur

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anthologies : Table of Contents

World Healing, World Peace Volume I

Table of Contents : Volume I

The Celebrants                                                            i
      LauraSue Gutierrez                                                           ii
      Loretta L. Hardrick                                                          vi
      Elise Fee                                                                           x
      Top Nine Entrants                                                          xiii
      Top 30 Entrants                                                             xiv

Poets for World Healing, World Peace       
      Cat Catalyst                                                                     2
Wynne Y. Henry                                                              6
Michael William Benifield                                                10
Julie-Anne Avenell                                                          14
Aaron Trumm                                                                 16
Georgia Santa Maria                                                       18
Riana George                                                                 22
Michael Mack                                                                26
Jaki Healy                                                                         28
Bobby Bansal                                                                    30
Mac McGovern                                                                 32
Bill Douglas                                                                       34
Daniel Akpasop                                                                 38
Chief Chico                                                                       42
Moinak Dutta                                                                    46
Igor Marinovcky                                                                48
Siddartha Beth Pierce                                                        50
David Kotei Nikoi                                                             56
Amber Schoen                                                                  58
Todd Smith                                                                       62
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah                                         66
Jack Home aka Jax Poet                                                   70
Reena Prasad                                                                    72
Marlon Ewing                                                                    74
Fahredin Shehu                                                                  76
Regina Ann                                                                        78
      Martina Reisz Newberry                                                 80
Ryan J. Cunningham                                                       84
Sandra M Cummings                                                      86
Beth Winchcombe                                                          88
Adjei Agvei-Baah                                                           90
Annie Brodrick                                                               94
Kevin Von Lossberg                                                       96
Tomás Ó Cárthaigh                                                        98
Douglas H. Melloy                                                        100
Nicole Countryman                                                       104
David Manzari                                                              106
Dike Dyke Williams                                                      110
Laurie Robertson                                                          114
Jacquelyn Rath                                                             118
Linda Renkowski                                                          120
Diane Jardel                                                                 122
Brenda Jacobs                                                              124
Robert ‘robbybaby’ Matejko                                        128
Eva Xanthopoulos                                                        132
Charles Young Jr. aka the Source                                 134
Brother Hypnotic                                                          136
      Nicole S. Brown                                                           138
Annmarie Pearson                                                        140
Simone Segal                                                                142
Shirani Rajapakse                                                         146
Bonnie K Rucobo                                                         148
Fabiyas M V Mathilakath                                             152
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams                                154
Alan W. Jankowski                                                      156
Barry Carter                                                                 158
Scott Kalechstein Grace                                               160
Fawn Caldwell                                                             164
Barry Mowles                                                              166
Onarinde Fiyinfoluwa                                                    170
Melissa Rubio                                                               174
Najet Adounani                                                            178
Jarriot Winters                                                              180
Emily Yankowitz                                                           182
Ankur Choudhury                                                         186
Larry Jaffe                                                                    188
Hilda                                                                            192
ingred manna                                                                194

Table of Contents : Volume I . . . continued

Administrators and Facilitators                201
Sponsors                                               202

The Judges                      
Diane Sismour                                        206
Juanita Betts                                           212
Mark States                                            218

Inner Child
William S. Peters, Sr.                              224
Janet P. Caldwell                                    232
Jill Delbridge                                           236

World Healing, World Peace Volume II

Table of Contents : Volume II

The Celebrants                                                            i
      LauraSue Gutierrez                                                           ii
      Loretta L. Hardrick                                                          vi
      Elise Fee                                                                           x
      Top Nine Entrants                                                          xiii
      Top 30 Entrants                                                             xiv

Poets for World Healing, World Peace       
Dandrea Dyson                                                                2
Renata Brown                                                                  6
Jacqui Baumgardt                                                             8
Dr. Susheel Kumar Sharma                                             10
Akanni Festus                                                                 14
Robert Gibbons                                                              18
Teresa E. Gallion                                                            20
Jay Buck                                                                        24
Gail Weston Shazor                                                              26
Daniel Hughes                                                                      30
Ann Betz                                                                              32
Kelli Allen                                                                            34
Florence ‘floetic flo’ Malone                                                 36
Toy Honey                                                                           40
Laura Crean                                                                         44
Linda G. Coburn aka Nruboc                                               48
Le Chante aka Lisa Walsh                                                    52
Edwin M Cordevilla                                                              56
Kelly Giles                                                                            58
Alfreda Ghee                                                                        62
Star Blossom Goddess                                                         66
David Eberhardt                                                                   70
C. William Clarke                                                                 74
Deborah Wilson Smart                                                         80
Lindsey Harrison                                                                  84
Joy Leftow                                                                           86
Susan Joyner-Stumpf                                                            90
Mauro Werneck Monteiro                                                    94
Donna ‘Soul Lyrikal’ Robinson                                             98
P. S. Perkins                                                                      100
Charles Banks                                                                    102
Kimberly Miller                                                                  106
Carlo Jonkers                                                                     110
David Lester Young                                                            114
Yuriana Uceta                                                                    116
Yeşim Ağaoğlu                                                                   120
Planted Daisies                                                                   122
Dowell Oba                                                                        128
Rima N. Jaber                                                                    130
Ikechukwu Ogbuike aka Don Ketchy                                 132
Brian Heffron                                                                      136
Olusegun Arowoloa                                                            138
Sylvia Ramos Cruz                                                             142
Vikki Marshall                                                                    144
Tejasvi Kaur                                                                       148
Trina Guilfo aka Phree Myles                                              150
Maria Wood                                                                      152
Chris Lawrence                                                                  154
Joski the Poet                                                                     156
Chris Darroch Biggs                                                           160
T. L. Moore                                                                       162
Michael Weidman                                                               166
Jamie Bond                                                                        170
Karen Lowe                                                                       174
Rita Tatum                                                                          178
Mary Loughran                                                                   180
Christina McCormick aka Tina Long                                   182
X Blu Rayne                                                                       184
Lisa D. McCraw aka NOLA P                                           186
Laura Hale                                                                         190
Nerissa Maralit                                                                   196
Denise L. Cook aka The ORACLE                                    200
Janice D. Johnson aka Heart Spoken Niecy                        202
Gabrielle                                                                             204
Katherine ‘Trinity’ Wyatt / SoldierBlue                                208
Andrew  M. ‘Andy’ Scott                                                   214
Sandye M. Roberts Halos 711                                            216

Administrators and Facilitators                221
Sponsors                                               222

The Judges                      
Diane Sismour                                        226
Juanita Betts                                           232
Mark States                                            238

Inner Child
William S. Peters, Sr.                              244
Janet P. Caldwell                                    252
Jill Delbridge                                           256

i Want My Poetry to . . . Anthology 

Table of Contents

Monte Smith                                                                           1
Leeanne Meredith Oschmanns                                                 2
Christopher Stewart                                                                3
June Barefield                                                                         4
Shawn Deacon Sanders                                                           6
Michael Benifield                                                                     7
Teresa E. Gallion                                                                    8
Allison Davies                                                                         9
Martina Newberry                                                                  11
Igor Marinovsky                                                                    13
Author D.A. Isley                                                                  14      
Jill Delbridge                                                                         15
David Boswell                                                                       18
Yusif A. Smith                                                                      19
Luna Soolay                                                                          20
Elizabeth Castillo                                                                   21
Kevin D.L. McRae                                                                22
Chuck Taylor                                                                        23
Alan Jankowski                                                                     24
Robby Baby                                                                         26

Table of Contents . . . continued

Rosalind Cherry                                                                    29
Janet Caldwell                                                                       31
Gabriel Vasichek                                                                   34
Allison Davies                                                                       35
LauraSue Gutierrez-Simmons                                                 37
Zane Teart                                                                            38
Denise Swoveland                                                                 39
Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison                                               40
Renata Brown                                                                       42
Kevin M. Hibshman                                                               43
Paul Downs                                                                          44
Michael W. Bonds                                                                45
Aria Nicole                                                                            46
Elise Fee                                                                               47
Purify Love                                                                           48
Celeste Duckworth                                                                49
Chris Ferebee                                                                        50
Rosemarie Howard                                                                51
Olivia Sharp aka Lady Divine                                                 53
Iulia Gherghei                                                                        55
Table of Contents . . . continued
Indy Eaze aka Flow2Eazy                                                      56
Christiana Harrell ~ Priss V. Collaboration                              58
Michele Baron                                                                       60
Ampat Koshy                                                                        61
Richard Wiley                                                                       62
Charles SeaBe Banks                                                             63
Justice Chikandamina                                                            65
John R Early II                                                                      66
Cherryl Aldave                                                                      67
Gibra-El Walker                                                                    68
Diane Sismour                                                                       69
Keith Morris                                                                          70
Latrice LadyElegance Watkins                                               71
Melanie Jones                                                                        72
Poetry Dancer ~ Wynne Henry                                              74
Gary Malone                                                                         75
William S. Peters, Sr. aka ‘just bill’                                        77

A gathering of words
Poetry & Commentary
Trayvon Martin
Table of Contents

The Poets
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams                                              1
Hunni Bunn                                                                                  2
Poetry of Motion aka Wynne Henry                                            3
charlie gee                                                                                 4
Renata Brown                                                                             5
Luna Soolay                                                                               6
Shareef Abdur-Rasheed                                                              7
Gabrielle Denize Newsam                                                            9
Kimberly "D-Termined" McLean                                                     11         
Robert Gibbons                                                                         12
Alfreda Ghee                                                                              13
King kObOkO                                                                              15
Anthony Arnold                                                                         16
Tammy Marie Jones                                                                    18

dave eberhardt                                                                          19

Rosalind Cherry                                                                       20
Poetry of Motion aka Wynne Henry                                           21
coyote wiley                                                                             22
charlie gee                                                                                23
Cora Scott                                                                                24
Cora Scott                                                                                25
Nipaporn Baldwin                                                                      27
Richard Warren                                                                         28
Shequita Ann Phillips                                                               30
Robert Gibbons                                                                        32
Kesha Finesse Murphy                                                               33
Alan W. Jankowski                                                                    37
Anthony Arnold                                                                     38
Shareef Abdur-Rasheed                                                           39
Gary Malone                                                                             40
Jill Delbridge                                                                           42
Table of Contents . . . continued
Vickie Acquah                                                                             44
Araliz theBard Rivera                                                                46
William S. Peters Sr.                                                                 47
K. McGregor                                                                               51
Fabiola Sully                                                                            52
Fabiola Sully                                                                            53
Janet Caldwell                                                                         54
Lady K-Love ThePoet Inspirationalist                                       56
Ishmael Street                                                                         60
Opeyemi Joe                                                                              62
Xaiden / Jahdai Ink                                                                    63
Don Savant                                                                               64
Oladipo Kehinde Paul                                                                65
Thornne E. Xaiviantt                                                                  66
Soul Q Original                                                                        67
BABy                                                                                          68
K. McGregor                                                                             70
Anthony Arnold                                                                         71
Clayton L. Sanders                                                                   72
Rosemarie Howard                                                                    73
jAy aLexander                                                                           76
Marie Lim                                                                                    77
thelyfepoet                                                                              78
June Barefield aka  June Bug                                                   84
Kelli Songbird Garden                                                             87
Quise ”The Notebook” Williams                                                 89
unseen poet 1229                                                                       91
Rosemarie Howard                                                                    92
Craig Pinckney Refour                                                              94
Micheaux Fortson aka Urban VooDoo                                      95
Lady Elegance                                                                         100
Jon B Crenshaw                                                                       101
Lyrical Movements aka Monique Forrester                            103
Purify Love                                                                              106
Table of Contents . . . continued

Rose Petals aka Lynnie Rose                                                  107
Ree Cee                                                                                    108
Urban VooDoo aka micheaux forston                                       111
Matthew Wilt                                                                              114
Tantra Zawadi                                                                            117
Cheryl D. Faison                                                                        118
William S. Peters, Sr.                                                                121


a word from Jamie Bond of Unmuted Ink                                124
from the mind of Monte Smith, Street Poet                             125
a word from the Heart of Jill Delbridge                                126
a word from Kelli Songbird of P.a.i.n.                                    128
a word from Bruce George                                                     129
a word from Solomon Comissiong                                        130
a word from Gabe Rosales                                                     135
Tshombe Sekou                                                                        139
from the Spirit of Robert Gibbons                                         140
Rosemarie Howard a Mother’s perspective                             142
Purify’s Perspective                                                                 144
the thoughts of Shareef Abdur-Rasheed                                145
Writteninpain aka Carlos Lavezzari                                          146
thoughts from Winston Warrior                                             148
from the mind of D.  L. Davis                                                    149
a conversation with Cheryl Cooley                                          151
the words of Jon` B. Crenshaw                                              152
Malcom X : The Ballot or the Bullet                                        154
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King : The Birmingham Jail Letter           170
Angela Davis                                                                            183
Stokley Carmichael                                                                 188
Gil Scott Heron : The Revolution will not be televised         202
The Poetry of Tupac Shakur                                                   204         
Murders with Firearms                                                           208