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Friday, May 4, 2012

i am he

i am he

there it stood

like a tower of light

piercing the sky

of the horizon

enjoining imaginary heavens

to this place upon which our feet

are planted

fable and folklore

spoke of this place

a garden few have seen

from which the seed of man

had been spawned

and within

was that mythological tree

which unveiled the eye

of First Father

that He should know

of what nakedness is

David danced in the street

for he felt the unabashed joy

when kissed

by the sound of Timbrels

the music of his heart

that which is divine

Job bore

the burden of reproof

for he knew

of the sweeter fruits

that which has never been seen

nor tatsed

Solomon’s etheric ecstasy

his glistening wisdom

knew not of limit

and he wed himself

and consummated such union

in the inner chambers of self

his beloved

my brother Isaiah

spoke of the gates

the gates of praise

that shone

calling forth the children

to embark on the path

the journey back to the garden

back home

where there is light consciousness

he said

arise, arise

and my hallelujah

stood and spread it’s wings

embracing never dreamed of possibilities

my inner eye beholds that Tree yonder

how i long to put my arms

around it’s girth

and let the gentle breeze

of brother wind

whisper to me through it’s leaves

let me hear again

the sweet promise

that of the fruit we shall eat

at journey’s end

St. Issa was nailed to that Tree

i but wish to climb it’s limbs

and lay my burdens

upon it’s bough

and be it’s rock-a-bye baby

i hear the call of the rushing waters

that of Mother’s Life Blood

where the Four sacred rivers converge

let us immerse our selves

in the cleansing waters

so . . .

i packed my bags

with emptiness

devoid of all worldly things

for the world has lost it’s import

and there was a bequestering for the quest

Soul was beckoning me

to that reckoning of me

unto the path . . . back

back to where myth

becomes reality . . .

back to that Garden

my heart began to beat

with forgotten rhythmic excitement

filled with anticipatory syncopation

and joy

the resonant harmonies of ecstasy

loomed in the air about me

and thus became my every breath

and i became life’s melody

the palpitations of my heart

consumed me

like a young virgin


penetrating the womb of my very existence

like a young Virgin who looks upon

the face of her eternal lover

for the first time

take me my soul screams

unto it’s self

open the door

open the arduous pathway

unto my absolution

that my final traipse

may begin

i turn my face away

from my destination

and begin to walk backwards

that i may revisit time past

old wounds

errant shifts

to arrive at the place

of my spawning

the dawning

a regressive awakening

forsaking  substance

i see the collective episodes

of the years endured

begin to fall away

and the enveloping warmth

of the Sun replete

begins to rapture me

as i allow the letting

of this illusory identity

of how i once defined my self

i now begin to intake

and absorb

the verdant scents

of my holy inner garden

enticing me

as i am reverently approaching

my own presence

my essence

my consummate self

i am barefooted

and my toes become entwined

in the damp soils

of what i thought to be

a forgotten consciousness

a lost knowing

and i begin to glow

i hear sounds about me

within me

attuning it’s self in concordance

dancing in my heart

playing a tune called bliss

and i know

i have been kissed

by the regality

of that which is sovereign

over all that exists

my loins become incensed

with a primal urging

a needing

to undress

and to express

and my innocent nakedness

stands before the world

my passions begin to unfurl

fulfill themselves

with an incalculable esoteric copulation

and my reason becomes orgasmic

and losses it’s tethers

to the finite memories

of what i once accepted


as life

i am reflecting my own creational exponential-ness

tears begin to flow

down my cheeks

from my 3rd eye

blinding me

with rivulets of joy

which become streams

which become rivers

before they touch my feet

which now stands

in the Ocean of life

Time freezes

Time ceases

and i am appeased

for now i please myself

for in reflective grandeur

i realize

i am who i have always been

upon the surface of these pristine waters

i look upon my countenance

the glass is no longer darkly

and i thus see

a contextual reflection of me

of self

of God

of Creation

and there is but

a Solitary Tower of Light

enjoining Heaven and Earth

and i am He

© April 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

i am he

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