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Sunday, May 13, 2012

i am strong

i am compassionate

i am anointed

i am endowed

with certain inalienable characteristics

given to me

by the giver of gifts

hands of love have molded me

held me upon its breast

through my restless days

my restless nights

my restless ways

the lips of love

spoke to me

speaks through me

validates me

with every thought

every breath

every heart beat

my male-ness is complete



and concrete

in the knowing

that i am the fruit

of the sowing

of a sacred seed

when i was in need

there was but one place

of solace

and face God

face myself

in a discerning judgment

that had no condemnation

my joys

my elation

were found in those eyes

that always . . .  all ways

seem to help me realize

that i am so much more

than what i believed

my dreams

that i conceived

were planted

in those nurturing soils of hope

and those divine heartbeats

and tears

drove away

my doubts

my fears

as i marched steadily forward


the harvest

the hand of comfort

that held me

assured me

and even cured me

of much of my own sickness

my wickedness

my mess

still yet grasp

and lift me up

that i may see the possibilities

of what the exponentialness

of me can be

you see,

when i consider life

the joys, the tears

the laughter, the strife

i come to understand

that though i say

i am a man

i am nothing but

an empty shell

who tells stories

of dreamed of glories

for without this gift

from God himself

what would be the point

so today

i pay reverent homage

to not only mine

but to all in kind

when i say

in my best poetic way

Thank You Mother

I Love You

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