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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Magic Gardener

The Magic Gardener

There once was a Humble Gardener named Elias. Elias was a very reverent and Holy man. He was know amongst the lands as having the Best Garden of the Land. There were always many Blooming Flowers and Fruits in all seasons in his garden. They fruits of his garden were always the sweetest. The Children of the land always enjoyed the bounty he shared with them. It had become folklore in the villages that Elias possessed a Hand that knew God.
One day three youth came to Elias and bequested him to divulge the secret of his way with the plants of his Garden. Elias being pleased that they should enquire such, began to tell them the story of the love of Mother and all creation. It was quite along story, for it covered the beginning of time and man’s symbiosis to all of creation. To make a long story short, “WE all are connected” . . .  that is the magic. With much anxiousness and zeal, the boys wanted more than a story. They asked Elias if they could have but one Magic Seed each that they too may plant a Magic Garden. Elias complied, and gave the boys instruction to make sure that the seeds were planted in good soil, otherwise the fruit of the planting will yield not it’s full bounty.

Each of the boys quickly parted ways with Elias and each other, for they again were anxious and zealous to begin their quest.  Knowing the seeds held some Magic, each youth’s Hopes and Dreams were carried forth within the seed they have received. Before they separated from each other, they had vowed to plant their Magic Seed, whereupon when the fruit came forth, they would each make a solemn wish. The first boy planted his seed in a quiet place in the Forrest hidden from all others that his treasure may not be discovered. The second boy planted his seed in an old Barn, again away from the sight of others. The third youth planted his seed at the end of an unused row of his Father’s Garden.


In a few weeks the seed began to sprout. They shared their information with each other excitedly. Then the sprout became a plant and began to bud. In their excitement they could no longer contain themselves. They vowed again that they would show each other their place of planting providing it may be kept secret. They agreed. As the Bud began to open and yield a flower, the hopes of the youth and their pending Magic evolved as well. Then came the first signs of fruit. Each day they anxiously watched the development of their dreams coming true. Upon an idle discussion they began to share their visions. The first boy said his wish would be for Riches. The second youth wished for Fame. The third youth somewhat embarrassed wished for a good harvest from his Magical Plant. He simply wanted to share the fruit from his Magic seed with all.

Needless to say, that over the next few days, the first and second youth’s plant withered and died. The first boy’s plant died for there was not Light deep in the Forest. The Trees of his vision stole the light. The second youth’s plant died for there was no Water nor Light. The Barn allowed not the Spirit of Life to be shed upon his planting. The third youth’s plant prospered greatly and yielded much fruit, that all enjoyed the harvest. Thus as his plant yielded fruit in bounty which yielded “Good” seed abundant, so did young Elias go forth as did his Father . . . Elias.


(c) 9 May 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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