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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Give and Take

Give and Take

for everything that is taken from you
there is something put in its space
even if it is an emptiness
to inscribe new life in its place

faces will come, faces will go
and some will choose to remain
be not daunted by the illusion
for in the stillness resides the sane

there have been many changes
but life its self marches on
gather the lesson that she provides
lament not nor be thou forlorned

for some things taken are blessings
that allows us to truly connect
to the universal laws of Growth and Love
we must do so without suspect

in the end all of life we experience
is about the Give and the Take
as the energy is constantly transmuting
we are blessed for goodness’ sake

so raise your consciousness, rise up
for the truth of life does call
look to thy horizon my child
and rise each time you fall

lessons come and lessons go
some take and some do give
for in the mix, the trials, the path
when we awaken, we know that we live

Give and Take

© 25 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

a Man’s Word

a Man’s Word

what is a man’s word
is it his bond
is it the epitome
of his commitment to life.
his commitment to self
his commitment to all
that he loves
about life

a Man’s word is sacred
it is his very “I Am-ness”
we speak through this
reflection of our God Self

a Man’s word is his authenticity
if he values it not
how can his life have any
real value
save from his hopes
that are found
in the hearts of others
for in his own heart
if a Man’s word is not valued
to keep
then that Man
no longer values him self
for the word he offers others
is spoiled

a Man’s Word
what is it worth to you ?

for a Man to consider the Word they give with their promise to keep, is not always fun and is not always easy, but it is always necessary if this man is to always stay connected to their Soul, their authentic self.

© 25 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

Upon the Rock

Upon the Rock

Waves crashing
bringing an offering
of change
enticing the rocks
to make a place
for life
and give back
a piece of themselves
to the world

the sound in the distance
tells of its inevitability

the Ocean is whispering
telling of its coming
inducing Rocks
like you
like me
to be strong
and stand your ground
which is given unto you
for but a little while

build life upon the Rock
and submit thy self
unto the Ocean . . . Life

© 23 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.



what is in your head
tell me

what is it you feel
tell me
show me

what is it you have come
to receive
to give
tell me
show me
touch me


© 23 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

On this day

On this day

On this day
when i wake up
from this drug induced
indoctrinal stupor
i am going to change
the world
and then
the Universe
and then
all of Creation
be-cause i will be
and cognizant

On this day
my light shall shine
as i vanquish
the insanity
the inanity
i once accepted

On this day
i shall spread my arms
i shall open so wide
that my insides becomes
my outsides
and i will be
beside my “Self”
my “i”
at all times
beyond time

On this day
i will forever resonate
and give to Life
that which she has given
and gives to me.
i shall consecrate
anoint and dedicate
each breath
each heartbeat
in Love for Love
for Life
my Beloved
our Sacred Child

On this day
i have decreed
that this day
is . . “IS” eternal
for this day
is all that i have
this day ~ every day

© 24 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

of the Cycle of the Whole

of the Cycle of the Whole

Life and Death
skips down
and around
the pathways of Time
hand in hand
in concordance
of the give and receive
that spawns and supports
all of Creation

the Day give space
that the Night may become

the Seed does die
that a Plant may be borne
as the Bud makes room
for the Blossom
to spread it’s fragrant Wings
and in doing so
a Fruit is yielded
that the Eater may be filled

and comes the day
when the Eater
shall be consumed as well
in the process of
regenerative Life

for Life and Death
are but servant
of the Cycle of the Whole

© 23 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.



something was moving inside me
as we moved along

yes this was a different place
with a different space

perhaps we have not arrived
as of yet
but we were getting closer
i could taste it
my heart sensed it
and my toes and fingers
were again picking up the energy
from the fringes of my reality
i was beginning to feel
on edge

i saw some people
and they looked different
they seemed to possess
an unusual yet familiar ease about them
one which only
a certain content-ness brings

it was like they were smiling
from their insides
and it was evident
in the twinkle
within their eyes
and i realized without restraint
we were arriving

yes there was something
something amiss

© 6 May 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

a Father’s Love

a Father’s Love

a Fathers Love
may not be as demonstrative
as that of a Lover
no it may be in the silence perceived
from those who reside without

a Father’s Love
is expressed with each beat of his Heart
each Breath
for the Seed of His Seed

a Father’s Love
is not always found in the deeds
nor in the words
nor in the smile
but in the hopes
and the dreams
that are never spoken

a Father’s Love
is the quiet repose
that keep pushing him forward
to survive
one more day
which makes a way
a path
through life’s wilderness
and all the other mess
we find about us

a Father’s Love
is always challenged
by those who do not understand
the weight a man
carries upon his shoulders
some carry stones
others boulders

a Father’s Love
meets the Sun each day
with his plans
his demands
and he stands ready
to capture opportunities
for those whom he loves
his Children, his Family

a Father’s Love
sometimes steps aside
that you the child
may find your way
your way

a Father’s love is understanding
for your Father too
has walked this path

a Father’s Love
is found through Faith
the evidence of that
which is not seen,
and if you do not see it
you can not learn to be
until you believe
in a Father’s Love
for it has always been
in the breast of all men

a Father’s Love
Love Him, thy Father
while you still have the opportunity . . .
for all things shall come to pass.

Honor thy Father
and the world shall bow in obeisance
to your wisdom
graced unto you
a Father’s Love

© 16 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.