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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blessings to you for the New Year

Greetings to you all Friends and Family,

Here we are, standing before the inevitable . . . CHANGE !!!  Many people from all over are coming together with a certain commonality . . .  The New Year. We offer to each other the best of our Wishes, Prayers, Intent and Love. I am Grateful !

I would like to just take this moment in time to speak with you about our own Greatness . . .  Individually . . . and of course “Collectively”. This year we have witnessed many movements come about . . .  some for Good . . .  and some not so. The prevailing aspect of being of “One Mind”, is there is Power. We are witnessing that in such things as the 99% Movement; The 2012 Prophecies; World Healing, World Peace 2012 Movement and unfortunately the War, Famine, Suffering and Strife experienced across this Planet. But . . .  perhaps this is also a part of the “Perfect Balance” of Creation in that such things do elevate our consciousness and propel us to “Change”! This is a good thing i think; not the suffering, but the mere “Possibility” that we will awaken as a collective and employ our power to effectuate this “Quickening” to Change.

So this is my intent on a personal level based upon what i believe i have learned thus far in my life.

*    If i have it to Give . . .  i will
*    May i be Clear in my Intent for Goodness
*    May i continue without reservation to express my Goodness
*    May i always seek to see the Love and Light in my Brothers and Sisters
*    May i understand that “My Way” is just that MY WAY !
*    And Finally for me . . .  May i preface all aspects of my Life with Love.
*    May you have a wonderful and Wonder Filled New Year of Joy, Peace,
        Love and Harmony
*    May Each Moment of Goodness upon the path you travel transform
        into the Eternal
*    May you be clear and Understand that YOU are a Magnificent and Essential  
        Element of Creation and Powerful beyond our present Understandings.
*    May Your Inner Child come out to PLAY !!!

Blessings of Love

‘just bill’
William S. Peters, Sr.

Inner Child

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year

the road lies before us
to adorn it as we wish
what new Mountains
will you consider
along this pending journey my child
or will you be but a Valley Dweller
and wish
and dream
of all you could have been
could have done
had you tried
to come outside
that of who you think you are
who you may have been,
and play
in this coming day

Happy New Year

from where i come

from where i come

we embrace a concept
that things must be done
that we may validate
and dreams

to be
or not to do
to do
or not to be
what was that question you asked ?

where in the garden is the middle road
the Awakened One spoke of ?
or was it beyond the border
where the absence of suffering lived
you know
that village down the road

by the way,
where is that road
where does it begin ?

i myself have wandered for many a year
not always diligent
not always seeking
but always indulging
in something or another

there were many a sweet slumber
where dreams of miniscule things
such as a sweet embrace
were actualized
and i smile now
for it was those moment
that now loom so significant
in this little hovel
i live in now

there was a time
i cared not to dream
of such things as gardens
and now i am a forgone horticulturist
yes, forgone
for all other thoughts
have seemingly died
along that roadside
many years ago
but i remember them
for they earmarked
the steps of maturity along the way

maturity did you say ?
scratch that
for i still am in some sort of fog
however the contexuality
has changed
as life redressed it’s agendas
and me too

these days i anxiously await sign
to see that slightest showing of green
that signifies new life
as it crest the furrows
for what i do know
this is life
and with any providence at all
perhaps there will be a fruit
of some kind
this i do enjoy
so i plant seeds
along my road side
should i have to be redressed again
and visit that place
from where i come

(c) 29 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

and of course . . . i will smile

and of course . . . i will smile

we watch them go by
this occurrence of time
like rivers they flow
filled with smiles and tears

the fears we once held
have been dispelled
with the forward march
for they were
but some strange shadow
that somehow
interceded betwixt
me and my light

i reflect on the road
and the passages of rite
and rote

and a side note
we made it through
anyway . . . didn’t we

so here we stand
some looking forward
some behind
some blind-ed
by circumstance
or choice
yet for all
there are the voices
cloistering themselves
taking numbers
and standing in line
for their turn to speak
and plead their cause
for your attention

some offer obeisance
and reverence
and some
are just damned and filled
with arrogance
for me
for you
for anything but self
and how they would have me walk

and while they sit in the Lobby
and the truthful seekers
in the pews
seeking to aright
all the askews
in the me’s
and the you’s
we perhaps may get lucky
and comprehend
it is we who choose
to travel the easy road
or cut one of our own

and deep inside each one of us
i know we have known
that choice
and how we exact
our way of travel
is the voice the universe hears
and responds to

so i will skip
but not to Lou
for i have none
but skip i shall just the same
with a smile upon my countenance
for it is quite simple
voices or silence
this is where i am

and it matters not what i do tomorrow
for that will also appear
show up
and validate it’s self
as i just allow
my nows to be strung together
with no didactic recourse

and of course
i will smile

(c) 29 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what do you see ?

what do you see ?

what do you see my child
when you look away from the Sun ?

do you see the shadows,
or are you temporarily blinded
by gazing at thy brightness

know that you are the Son of the Sun
it rises each morning to greet you
hold you
warm your expectant heart with its love

know my child
it is but a regenerative spirit
that has come again
to kindle that fire
within you
can you feel it’s purpose
burning you to a fever
to live this day ?

what do you see ?

(c) 27 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Oh how we danced

Oh how we danced

i took my beloved in my arms
we passed thorough the gate
into the garden

we looked in the eyes
of one another’s souls
where there is naught but beauty abound

we smiled
we danced

oh how we danced

(c) 28 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

i am just a poet . . .

i am just a poet . . .

destined or cursed
fated ?
i can’t help my self

words dancing in my head
seeking acknowledgement upon my pad
begging my spirit to liberate them
from their prisons within me
that they too
may see the light

such is the way
of we who listen

can you hear the cries of the children
the hungry
the thirsty
who wish to sup
from thy cup
and sit at thy table poet ?
feed them !

i look to the heavens
and words rain down
into my consciousness
stirring me to awaken
and serve
their syllabic libations

i look at one who may suffer
an anguish of their own
and it becomes that of mine
begging me to lend my voice
choice ?

within that of my own self
there are confused little children
playing in the playgrounds
swinging and laughing
falling and crying
as they are vying
against the tethers of my denial
i must give them life

i go to sleep
and they whisper
always attempting to awaken me
and my pen
is this the duty i have come to exact
in this time around the circle

we spin thoughts into stories
laden with spirit’s virus
that we may infect
that and whom may be affected
and none are safe

and the angry little devilish ones
seem to be having fun
when they expectorate
with a vengeance
when i liberate them
and their malcontent voices

i would rather think of
Flowers and Butterflies
but they won’t let me
they say i sleep too much
for their liking

we strike deals with them
for all that appeals to them
is to make me suffer
as i struggle to be clear
is this the embodiment of my fear
dear poet
that they may become silent ?

this is one for the ones who would understand
the demand
to write
and weave the verse
with meter and rhyme
in lines
to be inspected
by those about us

more times than should be
belies our own validations
odd you say ?

for in the speaking
of those faintly heard voices
to the paper
we extricate our own woes
and who knows
what would become of me
if i did not

destined or cursed
fated ?
i can’t help my self
i am just a poet . . .

(c) 27 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

my eyes grow dim, but yet i fight

my eyes grow dim, but yet i fight

the world i once looked at
through my rainbow flavored thoughts
have dulled a bit
perhaps more
over the years.
all this is the becoming of adulthood

the glass i once looked through
needs to be pieced back together
that these Rainbowic colors
may have life again

the pane that once reflected
naught but my joys
and innocence
and ignorance
now lies like shards
upon my meandering pathway

careful son
you may cut your feet
and bleed upon the carpet
or some pad of paper
leaving your footprints
your mark
of undeniable anguish

the language of tortured souls before me
still yet wish for voice
is this my destiny as well ?
. . . to pass on
with the song not completed ?

i look upon the faces of the children
and i see the possibilities
of their traveling this same road
of the impending doom
where one assumes
the righteousness of the world

and again, perhaps it does exist
but surely it is resonating
in a dimension apart
from the limited wholeness we view
askewed from the embrace

i hear all about town
and all around
that “Love” will save us . . .
will it alone be our Hero . . .
or are we required as well

i am compelled to remain confused
for that is the poison we are fed
in our own heads
where the light from that window
is forbidden to penetrate

wait . . .wait . . .wait
what am i saying here
Oh My God
i call on thee
to see me through
hear me
i am screaming
and without
in my lines and rhymes
and verse
and the lack thereof

i pray thee
may i become that child again
as this world i once looked at
through my rainbow flavored thoughts
completely dulls

my eyes grow dim, but yet i fight


(c) 28 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

can you hear that call ?

can you hear that call ?

he walked around the landscape of man
with the seat of his pants still dampened
from sitting upon the Dew ladened grasses
of the early morn

yes he still embraced
these magical moments of transformation
as he took a ring side seat
to the new day’s glory
on the Skirts of Mother’s Garden

he sat in a ambient silence
as he awaited the dawn of this days symphony
where the fragrance of Mothers offering
danced in the gentle stirring
of life

he could smell the Harvest’s fruit
as it whispered it’s hopes and expectations
to his soul
and he became the exuberant instrument of it’s song

he cared not about his own appearance
for that which he had witnessed
dwarfed the thoughts of man
and all judgment

all he knew is that
his heart was filled with a light
and he lent this freely
to all who would taste this Joy he possessed
the sweetness he gave
the Gift

he remembers how the Sun of the new day
crept across the landscape in reverence
slowly awakening it’s Children . . .
and how it’s vibrant light
touched his naked toes
and warmed them
only to completely envelope him
with an indelible surety
that he was present
and he was

he could still hear the chirping
of those who sat beside him
in this Amphitheater
in the Pews of this Holy Temple
and offered their praise as well
as they commenced with living
and giving back
in songs of joy
and gratitude

yes, he was thankful
each day
for in that stilled moment
within him
he was held by Creation
and the Hand that spawned it all

can you hear that call ?
the Song of your Heart.

(c) 27 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

The Inner Child Awards

Greetings Family,

We are Happy and Honored to acknowledge these Wonderful Souls and the Work they do in the Service to the "Community of Humanity" . . . won't you join us and offer your Congratulations and Blessings in Love.

Bless Up

Inner Child

Monday, December 26, 2011

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Can you feel me ?

Can you feel me

pain and suffering
despair and anguish
is but a finite space in time
and i shall pass through it

the portal to pierce it is mine
and i always knew it

i speak the language of the unknown
where untethered ancient souls have gone
and they lend me their ears
and give unto me the guidance i seek
through this unconscious wilderness

the test of all souls
is not to ascend
but that of being clear
that we may peer
in to the void
where chaos is spawned
where the dawn of every sun resides

awaken my child are the whispers
spoken through smiles
and flowers
which adorn the sides of the road we travel

towers built in deliberation and plot
will never alot an understanding
for the bounty of the heavens
is not in visions without
but within
where tongues babble,

there is wisdom in between every utterance
every word spoken
for this is where
the eeriness of silence lives

broken pieces of dreams
litter our cerebrality
and dance in the fields

we gather them
plant their seeds
hoping for a yield
whose sweet fruits
will allow us to forget
that which we have come for
our Cosmic errand

yet, secretly we vie for that portal
in the harvest
when we sit and break bread with the divine
where we un-corral our essence

but the door is hidden
in the riddle of the middle road
. . . ask Buddha . . .

i too drink the wine
and pretend it to be that sacred elixir
which once dripped from the lips
of my beloved
whom is reflected in mine own countenance
in life’s mirror,
but fear clouds my discernment
that i am “he”

and in the firmament of thought
i find no basis,
just another oasis
in the sands
of this seemingly endless desert
where the Gods and Angels
trod nor tread
or visit upon
with any certain frequency

yet somehow
assures me
that this is but a journey

this same energy
implores me
to endure . . . hold on
until this broadcast of errancy
is gone

and i feel the ”Fault”
in the program widen
broaden and grow
as the sequence of what once was sacred
bleeds it’s antiquated
exaggerated lies
through the hearts of men
and children
as it is seeking
and vying
for it’s own cleansing and purification

and doctrines and dogma
and rote and rite
are being discarded
for they fail “Scrutiny’s” litmus test

yet the quest continues
as new venues are offered
to attract
and distract
the earnest ones
as we blindly deify falseness
and things that pass on
into the land of the forgotten

but me, you, we
i ask that this task
we engage
be re-explained

for whether it be
illusion or delusion
makes not much difference
for the pain in this moment
is like unto an eternity
when you are immersed in it

like in quicksand while sinking
we die a million times
and face it
as we are hopefully resurrected
in those fleeting visions
of extrication

and whether it be an hour
a day
a year
a lifetime
a moment or a minute
we are neck deep in it
can you feel me ?

(c) 26 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

My Dear Friend,

wishing you all the Best this Holiday Season and Beyond.

~ ♥ ~ love ~ ♥ ~ peace ~ ♥ ~ harmony ~ ♥ ~

Our Free Gift to the World and to You … Pass it On

Our Free Gift to the World and to You … Pass it On


Compellation and Tryst

Compellation and Tryst

what innate character within man
compels him to mold such manner
that has him
embrace his muse
with divine affection
in a moment
and thus
turn the shoulder
of conscious rejection

is it the dichotomous aspects
of Soul
the convolution of Spirit and Matter

and it does matter to me
the flatterous words of thee
my muse
as you impart to me
that which i can not
readily see

and then i shoo you
rebuke you
for you
make my indulgence
of self
you do
i thought you knew
perhaps you do
as you exact what’s due

our appointed times have come
have gone
and at times you come
in rhymes and verse
at times
your words
are terse
as you attempt to disperse
that which is wayward

and then
i draw closer
to that mystical place
where i may one day face
my sum

i often contemplate
and examine
many such things
as the compellation
and tryst of man

and with your whisperings
i believe i am on to something

i consider just how
does a Muse like you
speak thru
that which confuses me
as you bemuse me
with the breeze from Soul
from heart

but never mind, mind
for mind is being schooled
and ruled
by the illusions
and the delusions it creates
to not suffocate
its self in it’s own mind stuff
it regurgitates

how does one control a mind
a thought
its quite easy  you see

you take a Truth
and dress it with a Lie
and there belies the quest
of man

or you take a Lie
and veil it with Truth
and man will never understand
and that is but another test

and in my thinking process
i must confess
that i always embraced
Truth as an ultimate
but can i face it,
taste it upon my tongue ?

this is my song being sung

and thus continues
the venue
of the endless seeking
and we believe we are peeking
at the Sun
the Light
held within a Night
but not quite

who was it . . .  Descartes
who said
“Cogito Ergo Sum”
“i think therefore i am”
damn him

had we not assumed
would we . . . “BE”

caught betwixt
needing that fix
to become aplomb
and list no more
on the Oceans of consciousness
and find that shore
that safe harbor
where we journey no more
the stormy seas
uttering pleas to the heavens
twixt . . . and
of Compellation and Tryst ?

(c) 25 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.