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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

High Brow

High Brow

i think my self a “High Brow”
at times
for i spend my time
seeking to peek
beyond Horizons
and the Event

i want no surprisin’
when Time folds itself
upon my Space
causing me to evacuate
my delusional now

no, i want not the un-comfort
that reality’s corrections bring
when it sticks it’s erection
of truth
where it hurts so badly

and sadly
we would be content
with our life spent
chasing dreams
that do not even belong to us

the Siren’s Songs
of Wall Street and the Credit Industry
and the Medium of Distorted News
beckons us
to forget the reckoning of Soul
with Life incarnate
and the carnage continues

i am devouring the future of my children
as we compete in the eat-along
while the faintly playing songs
of our own anguish
translates in to the language
of our feeble discontent
which was meant to trigger
an awakening

we attempt to build buildings
on foundations of sand
with un-dried mud
and untried blueprints
that was never meant
to be anything
but life’s slurry
that runs to the depths of bottom-ness

but go figure
how did we manage to rewire
our circuit boards
our Mother Board
were we bored one day
and said in our head
let’s fuck our lives up ?

the fire of Soul’ purpose
becomes purposeless
save in our own minds
as we continue to feed the mess
with our indifference
and lack of empathy for the “whole”

i will kick my self one day
for the lesson was kicking me
and i felt not a thing
as i numbly knelt and prayed
to the Gods of no power
hour after hour
until all that was sweet
tasted sour
but i was in denial
big time

why even my Rhymes as a poet
had lost it’s “soul speak” flow
and i know it
but i am struggling
to reclaim my throne
where it is known that the words
of a Poet
are meant to be heard

for that is what the world requires of us
to be truthful and empowering
with that fire within us
as we speak loudly
of the whisperings
most have not heard before
listened to before

we must speak of doors being opened
for we all are coping
with the bullshit
are we not ?

we must not fail to forgive
and acquit our selves
and each other
for ignorance was the plan
of others who designed
that pill we all swallowed
and allowed
to take over our Consciousness

and if i refuse to peer
at the lower
it is not fear
of an certain unknown
for we know what awaits us
on the bottom of life’s bowels
Bottom Feeders
those whom we called
at one time
who eat our Young
and of the garbage
of our errant tongue
of our waste
of our defaced esteems

so let us not make haste
to be like unto them
filled with greed and avarice
and device
that steals our higher vision

make a decision
and choose
and join me
as we look to and above
the Horizon
where surmising
that things will get better
of their own accord,
for they won’t
if we don’t
become High Brow
in our demands . . .

understand ?

(c) 6 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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