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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sun of Man

The Sun of Man

with genocidal thoughts and intentions
the Legions of the Dark
multiplied upon the consciousness of men
arming our personas
with instruments of War and Death
such as Greed
and me-ism

the schism betwixt men
grew wider
as we scrambled to hold on
to what last vestiges of righteousness
we could find
even if it was borne of “Self”

we were drowning
in the bottomless pools
of our own regurgitations
of maligned and self serving doctrine
and dogma

and the dog Ma bought me
died in the baking Sun
of truth
fried in sayings of sooth
as the frayings
of the inane
who would call themselves humane
began to unravel

we have traveled this way before
have we not ?
for i still smell the stench
the rot
of the festering souls
who are ingesting the dreams
of the children yet unborne
yet to come

what sum do we seek
this week
as we peek at our fears
in the prismatic tears
that reflect the light of souls

and in that sliver of recognition
the conditions are altered
as our once twisted visions
takes position
that we may see our own color
while tasting the fragrance of possibilities
as it’s perfumed and intoxicating essence
wafts through the gentle breeze
of our awareness
begging us to please
take notice

and we know this
to be true
for that Messiah in you
spoke that this day would come to be
when genocidal thoughts and intentions
the Legions of the Dark
would embark on this quest
to consume the light of man
the Sun of Man

(c) 17 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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