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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Daddy's Little Girl

she was Daddy’s little Girl

i once held her
in my arms
but she does not remember that
for she is grown now
making waves in her own Seas now
as she sees it

she was Daddy’s little girl
my world
and i cherished
her every breath
blink of the eye
and smile

oh those smiles
filled with a drooling wonder
that i am forbidden to speak about
for this now embarrasses her

her eyes had a twinkle
like the Stars of Orion
such a sparkling
that captured any and all
who happened to look her way
like i did
every day
all day

it was heaven

she was Daddy’s little Girl
my Angel

she may have had wings
but i did not see them
but i think she gave them to me
for my Soul was a flight
in her presence
and her presence in my thoughts
as they are now

she was Daddy’s little Girl

© 1 September 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

inspired and written in dedication to each of my 8 Daughters

World Healing ~ World Peace Poetry 2014

Dear Inner Child Family Members,

Currently at Inner Child, we are firmly immersed and entrenched in the effort of World Healing ~ World Peace. We have established a Dedicated Web Site to address this effort.

This newest campaign differs from our previous in 2011 – 2012 when Inner Child went Global to connect with more wonderfully conscious Souls such as your self. This time around instead of focusing on a Poetry Contest we are underwriting the Vision of Distribution. We feel it is critical and pertinent to deliver the thoughts and sentiments to “Our” World’s Policy makers who make all the major decisions that affect us directly and indirectly as well. With that being said, our objective is to deliver the Printed Books into the hands of all the Ambassadors of the Member Countries of The United Nations (193) as well as the Voting Members of the United States Congress (535).

We need your help to effectuate this noble goal for change. This affects not only we who are here, but the generations who are to come which must endure that which we leave behind as a legacy.

We sincerely ask you to pay the various Links and information forward. You and any World Citizen are welcome to contribute your Poetry towards the effort as well.

Additionally we have a “Sponsors” Page whereby you can be listed as an Official Supporter / Sponsor for no cost nor obligation. We will post your name and a Web Link of your choice, thereby noting your endorsement of the effort of World Healing ~ World Peace. This will help us spread the message and the Consciousness.

There also is a “Go Fund Me” Site ( ) for those who wish to participate and help fund the distribution of the Books. The Books will be published for International Poetry Month of April of 2014.

We the World and Inner Child thank you so much for your Love and Support.

The Power to Change is in our hands.