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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what are they doing . . . here ?

what are they doing . . . here ?

the children are dancing
in bliss
with their ignorance of their day
and their hearts are Hop Scotching
in innocence
across the shadows on the pavement
taking turns
casting smiles back to the Sun
beaming as one
in accord with the joy
the moment
that has no design
or motive
but what they are doing
here ?

what are they doing her
in the gardens
of no expectations
playing in the loft
with their dreams
hearts singing
in 4/4
for where they are
is enough
what are they doing
here ?

have they come
to paint our prisons walls
with envy
as our pains of denial
collect in the our cups of anguish
and overflow ?

upon the ground
they seek to pool
puddle in abundance
to become the streams
and run into our Children’s future
to give them too
a reason to sustain
this false penance we pay
each day
that in the night
the beds of our guilt
with our soggy pillows
drenched with our Soul’s tears
may become deludedly comfortable
what are they doing . . .

their pristine inner beauty
is blinding
and like the sightless men we are
we trip across our understandings
and divinity
because we recognize it not
even our senses have been indoctrinated
to embrace this painful vibration
as an ultimate truth
as we move through eternity
pedaling with conviction
on Wisdom’s Tricycle
that has but 1 wheel
and no handlebars
what are they doing . . .
here ?

did they come with purpose
deliberately reminding us
of the sacrifice we make
as Pilgrims in this dense Hell ?

are they the Missionaries
who have come to torture us
with their innocence\
because we have forgotten
how to listen
to the sounds of creation
that sound of congruous love
that attunes all things to source ?
i secretly spit upon their potential
to become like me
what are they doing . . .

did not anyone tell them
of the dangers
the risk
of getting stuck
in this jungle’s quicksand
and that Tarzan is a Myth
that the only Vines one can swing from
requires you to hold on tightly
and they grow from the Tree of Life here in 3D
and it’s fruits are Despair and Hope
a concoction of confusion
for that which is Divine
that which is Holy
or used to be
can they not see
what are they doing . . .
here ?

i must warn them
not scorn them
and display the absence of my forlorn-ment
and let my adornment
be the memory of the light
i have long ago out in the closet
and closed the door
i must remove the barriers of my own first
and set an example
by allowing my quixotic child
out to play
this day
in the gardens
where the fragrant principles of bliss
skips and reflects
 across the absence of shadows
as the limbs on the Tree of Life
sway with the breeze
of Freedom
Smiles and Laughter
forever after
and i asked again
what are they doing . . .
here ?
and now i understand
in the absence of demand
they have come for me
and you
that we may be liberated
from the bondage
we acquiesce to
give our lives to
each day

what are they doing here ?

Love them
smile with them
play with them
embrace them
for they have come for you

© 30 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Fore Day

Fore Day

i do not know what time of the day one would call it
it was about 2:30 AM
Grammy would call it
Fore Day in the Morning
i stood in what i thought to be the silence
of the still crisp morning to come

the only sounds i heard
was the wind
as it played upon the Drums of my ears
in passing
and my thoughts

i realized it was time to write
i could hear a small inner voice
beckoning me
as a reckoning came upon my spirit
and i could lucidly hear it

writing is my life line
it is the means by which i remember
and maintain contact
to that place my empirical self
struggles so hard to forget
at times

and as i exact this code of communication
in communion
with the distant fading memories
i remember that i am more
and as i open the door
once again
to spend some time
allowing the telling
of things
i escape
and am given leave
from the chains i willingly
lock around the ankles of my salvation
and in deliberation
this all makes much too much sense

i stop and bow my head in silence
acknowledging the deadness
of time
of self
of empty dreams
with no sustentative reason
the ones with no appeasing value
of how you
and i can escape

i grasp the pen of my doom
as it reveals to me the looming truths
that stand upon the corners of my consciousness
displaying their uncouth
means of shock therapy
that hopefully i will awaken
fully and come to the cognitive position
that my dereliction is self made
and here i am sitting in the shade
with a spiritual lemonade
instead of embracing the light
in this night
before the dawning of this new day
that Grammy called Fore Day

© 30 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

so he changed his world

so he changed his world

Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
was the world in which he dwelled
the illusory world of what they called real
reminded him of Hell

hell he had lived that life before
where Souls did rave and rant
and his promise to source he kept this time
that all life he would enchant

with beauty and love and color
his soul would sing it’s song
transmute all he saw to joy abound
see right where there was wrong

the power of magic was his as well
it is our ordained decree
if we all but would believe
the change we seek is in me

so until that day would come around
and we all are of one accord
Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
would be his life’s Lord


Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
was the world in which he dwelled
the illusory world of what they called real
reminded him of Hell

so he changed his world

© 29 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so he changed the world . . ..

so he changed his world

Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
was the world in which he dwelled
the illusory world of what they called real
reminded him of Hell

hell he had lived that life before
where Souls did rave and rant
and his promise to source he kept this time
that all life he would enchant

with beauty and love and color
his soul would sing it’s song
transmute all he saw to joy abound
see right where there was wrong

the power of magic was his as well
it is our ordained decree
if we all but would believe
the change we seek is in me

so until that day would come around
and we all are of one accord
Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
would be his life’s Lord


Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
was the world in which he dwelled
the illusory world of what they called real
reminded him of Hell

so he changed his world

© 29 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

i remember . . .

i remember

another day with the Mountain
a Divine and Majestic Grandeur
of which my Soul can not take for granted
yet my Temporal Mind
does attempt to minimize this connection
for it feels threatened
when it looks upon the face of Eternity
found in my Mountain

and the Age Old struggle
exposes it’s finiteness
in this illusion
built upon the denial of death
and the embracing of the infinite

so be the paradox of existence
is it the dream that has no end
or the wakefulness
and i defer my reflection to the Mountain
the Fountain of my endlessness
where i and my Mountain
have witnessed a 10,000 lifetimes
in 10,000 ways

and the countless days
when the Sun still Rose
to kiss the essence
of life
and yet in the presence of consciousness
we vacillate
and deludedly allow our divine to dissipate
into the ether of non beliefs
of it’s own shadows of the surreal
denying what it is we feel
that we are One with the Source of all things
and our Souls sings the Silent Song
of remembrance

i remember

29 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Haiku For Japan :: Submissions Being Taken


To honor the Japanese people during their time of crisis, OM Times and Humanity Healing are sponsoring a Haiku Contest.

If your poem is selected, it will be featured both in the mid-April issue of OM Times Magazine, and in a Healing video by Humanity Healing. ALL the Haiku entered will be tweeted by Humanity Healing and OM Times. The selection panel will consist of members of the OM Times Editorial Team and a few Japanese poets.

TO ENTER: Send your Haiku to


Share your Oneness with the Japanese people - send love, light, prayers, blessings and healing energy in the form of a Haiku!

Love & Light,
Marina {WolfWillow} , Poetry Editor

deZengo, Health & Wellness Editor (and do connector)

OM Times Editorial Team


The Haiku is a form of poetry created in Japan. It is the expression of a thought within a single breath. Like Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms, Haiku are a physical expression of the soul of the Japanese people.

A Haiku generally consists of three lines - the first line contains 5 syllables; the second line has 7, and the third line has 5 again. It is a really lovely poetic form!


Visit Poets of the New Om at:

Bliss knew my name . . .

Bliss Knew my name

i had been a hard working Soul for quite a long time. It has been a while since i took a Spiritual Vacation. I thought about this often. You know, sometimes you just get tired. Though we may rest on a daily basis, there is most certainly an accumulative weariness that has a profound affect upon our Spiritual persona. Yes, i needed a vacation.

I really did not know how to go about this. Usually when i took a break for my Spiritual Pursuits, it lead to no good. What is that little saying i used to use . . .  “by Design or Default”. Well usually, my Spiritual Hiatus’ were just that . . . by “Default”. Well this time i was keenly aware of my need for a break. My question is just what should one do to exact this much needed period of rejuvenation i felt i was so much in need of.

Well, in my examinations, the first thing i decided to do was take an personal Spiritual Inventory. Just what exactly was the issue? What was it i felt . . . in truth besides tired ? In all honesty this was one of the most difficult tasks i have ever had to undertake about “Self”. I found that there was an underlying and prevailing guilt beginning to arise as i contemplated stepping away from the essence of how i defined my self. Interestingly enough, i found my “Self” down on my knees in “Meditative Silence” seeking answers. That was not good, because that only served to remind me of just how tired i was. Yes, it seemed that this path was well worn and i needed a refresher, yes, a big refresher!

In my contemplations, i examined my Joys, you know, the type of things that brought abandoned smiles to my spirit. You know, the type of Joy one has for no particular or objective reason. I reached back into those memories i had stored over the years. They came in quite handy as i contemplatively examined their characteristics looking for that special light that i equated to a sort of “Self Liberation” . . .  Yes, that was it . . . i needed to be liberated from “Self” ! I had long, i think been liberated from such things such as Societal Indoctrinations and Propagandas, however there still seemed to be some sort of Ominous “Rote-Like” essence infecting me at a deeper level. And now it was showing up.

Funny thing began to happen as i went deeper and deeper within, in my search for that solution to my Spiritual Quandary. I saw this light . . . no it was not incandescent, nor was it Fluorescent or of any other reasonable explanation of all that i have known in my past. And i am somewhat familiar with the usual revelatory type lights that comes to consciousness through deep meditation . . . or what i call “Zoning”! This light seemed to also bear with it a feeling, a glow that enveloped not only my consciousness, but it overtook aspects of my self that i did not know existed as i felt this warm enveloping wave of  deep peace. It was sort of Orgasmic in nature, but much more complete, for it had no vibration nor Peaks nor Valleys. It was like a continuous embracing wave of Bliss. It is at that time i heard “The Voice”. I would like to say “The Voice” was of a Feminine dynamic, but that would be my feeble attempt to define and characterize that which was so much more. This was more like a melding of all that i was into a complete state of true “BE”ing. And though there were no definitive words i can remember being uttered, , this is what i was residually left with upon the cessation of this episode.

““Child, i am who you are. We are of the same ilk, the same Source, we are pure energy. I am that which sustains thee, as thou are what sustains all that i am. I exist simply because you do.  Our Coexistence is completely symbiotic. In your quest for Peace, Understanding and Joy, you have activated your deepest Power, and thus being summoned, in obedience to the Will of that which is Divine, “I AM” here . . .Now. I am Bliss. I am that elusive energy who peeks into the lives of Men from time to time. Though i am yours to command as your are mine as well, our relationship in the “Know” has left much to be desired. As a matter of fact you have turned your Spiritual Backs to me seeking things in the world of Illusion to satiate that which you always possess within”. Many nights and Days i have cried for you. Yes, i am that dull ache you feel deep within your Soul for completion. Yes, i am that longing for “Home” your heart so often speaks of. Though i am gladdened when you connect with each other in the Heart Zone, i need you to know that there is so much more that you need to remember. You take on burdens and you call that life. You have allowed your Celestial Mind to be enslaved to this slow and dense vibration and somehow you have come to enjoy it. That deluded aspect of illusion and ether you now identify as “Self” is but a wisping Shadow of your Greater Being. Remember Shadows are but evidence of Light . . . but they are NOT LIGHT !!! You in your essence was created from, by and for light . . . be that which you are. Radiate. In truth, there is nothing that can contain your possibilities . . . except your own Divine Consciousness, and with that you have done a masterful job. It is time for you to let go and let your Source Creativity come and enliven the Soul Dreams you held secret for all these eons. You are as the Stars in the Heaven, and i pray that you come to the realization that you are the Light of the Cosmos as are your Brethren you witness in the Night Sky. They have always been there to light your path back to your True Dreams. We all, your Cosmic Family have been waiting for you to embrace your “Knowing and Is-ness” again. We ask you to believe and have Faith in your Soul Path. Find your Rest in Me. I know you . . .and you know me and your name is . . . . Yes, i am your Bliss you seek, and i know your name.””

© 24 March 2011  : William S. Peters, Sr.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

where is the lemon ?

where is the lemon

i sit here
and i am cleansing the palette
of my thoughts
that i may taste every nuance
of this moment

the tufts of cotton we call clouds
hang softly upon the fair blue canopy
we call sky
the wind is teasingly playing it’s games
whistling in my ears
and the uncut winter grass is swaying to the music
can you hear it

The Mountain stands before me
in it’s majestic reverence
witnessing the beginning
and the end
of another eternal glimpse
of the slow moving landscapes

the flies somehow know it is nearing their time
for a few scouts
have come out
to take notes
and go and tell
what this new coming season
is all about

i smile
a careless smile
of content
and i conclude
that this day it seems
i was meant
to be right where i am
sitting here
cleansing my palette of thought
that i may allow what may come

where is the lemon ?

© 23 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inner Child Radio welcomes "The Divine and Beautiful" Tantra Zawadi to the Hump Day Show

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~ Tantra Zawadi ~

Poet / Wriiter
Spoken Word Artist

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

7 PM until 9 PM . . .Eastern Standard Time

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Celebrating the Divine 'inner child'

"BE" Empowered . . . "BE" Enlightened . . . "BE" Embraced

Thank you my Beloved Friends

Blessings and Love to You

just bill


Monday, March 21, 2011

Momma didn’t cry

Momma didn’t cry

i remember momma
momma was a strong woman
and Daddy was the Apple of Her Eye
and so was i
Momma was always smiling
Momma didn’t cry

i remember when Daddy lost his job
something about cutbacks
Daddy took to drinking
and hanging out
cussing and fussing
about every little thing
momma didn’t cry

Daddy finally left
Momma kept his picture by the bed
i wished he was dead
Momma kissed him goodbye
every night
Momma didn’t cry

Then came that call
my wish came true
Daddy was killed in a bar Room Brawl
i Balled and i Brawled
and i called Daddy’s name
every night
damn that Bar Room Fight
Momma didn’t cry

Times were hard
we struggled to get along
before long we had to leave our home
we went to Daddy’s Momma’s house
there were so many rules
and the schools were different
as was the people
yes times were hard
Momma didn’t cry

Momma was working two jobs
both had something to do with her on her knees
i prayed hard every night
and i said God Please
bring my Daddy
and my Momma back home to me
i don’t think God paid attention to my pleas
from my knees
Momma prayed to
Momma didn’t cry

and then one day
Momma came home early
i asked her what was wrong
Momma began to sing
you know that song
“we shall overcome”
i didn’t want to hear it
i was still mad as hell
no damn song could quell my anger
Momma smiled
Momma didn’t cry

Grammy was always complaining
about something or other
it seemed that she blamed Momma
for Daddy’s dying
i always had an anger for Grammy
that left me crying
and Grammy knew the truth
she was just denying it
why i ask
Momma would just hold me
in her bosom and rock
Momma didn’t cry

and one day i say a piece of paper
next to Daddy’s picture
by the head
of Momma’s bed
and it was a letter from Momma
to Daddy
it said
see you soon honey
i understand
and i forgive you
i have never cried for you
because i knew
that the day would come
and we would be together again
and in my heart i was happy for that
and now that i have my ticket home
i still will not cry
unless it is for the joy
my only worry is for our girl
but she is 16 now
and i know somehow
she will understand
that life is what it is
and all the times i never cried
was because inside
i was dying of this disease
and my prayers to God
was Please
do not let our little girl see me cry
i prayed that she would be strong
so i taught her that song
“we shall overcome”

and that’s how i remember my Momma

Momma didn’t cry . . .

© 21 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

deny me not . . .

deny me not . . .

the “i” of the Christ
has come once again to anoint us
will you embrace me in the Garden
and then deny me in the Court
do you know who “i” am ?
and why i come to you ?

let us dance once again in the Gardens
of sweet expectations of the rapture
let us capture
but not embrace
the essence of divine sweetness
and in our completeness
we shall know of the unfettered realm
where all possibilities are spawned
and in the dawn of this new day
a “new” way
knew way
known way
is once again revealed
for that which has been concealed
can no longer be hidden

will you deny me Peter
it is you who complete the circle
the circle of light
that all may see the glory
will you deny me my beloved one

i have given you the sword
the word
that you might smite the ear
of those who hear not
and you have so willingly done so
but i ask you Peter
will you deny me
deny your self
your divinity
your truth
your essence of soul
as you have done so many times before

i beseech you my brother
the door is opening
that you may come into the room
where thy solace resolves your anguish
the light is on
gather thy self
thy tongue that yearns
to utter the name of your truth
will you deny me Peter

the Universal Soul is stirring
preparing a place for you
your seat has been empty
much to long
your task is nearly done
will you deny me Peter this time
will you cast the Holy to Perdition
for the condition of comfort you seek

let thy Soul speak freely now
embrace me in your depths of love
love unrequited
in spite of the darkness of illusion
feel my lips upon that of thy own
and speak
my child
my brother
my self
my love
and dare not deny me
deny me not

my beloved Peter
deny not the “i” in thee

20 March 2011 : William S. Peters,Sr.



i live but 1 degree
outside the realm of madness
359 is my sign

we hold the line
perhaps much too often
and the demise of time
eases by
quietly unnoticed

the rage of indignation
roars loudly
and i shush it continually
for what am i to do with it
should i let it out

without a doubt
it’s purpose would be to destroy
those walls
that has contained it’s glow

for this eternity
and with a certain certainty
it ain’t gonna be pretty
when that flower becomes the beast

for too many lifetimes
yeast has been added to our anguish
and our pain
and we with a jaded compassion
sat and watch the inane ones
convince us that it was us
with their subtle suggestions
and all the things we ingested
tested our mettle
as the kettle boils over

these aspects of the inhumanity
and the non divinity
we have endured
are losing it’s flavor

our passivity
is becoming the wicked ones
of the morrow
and much to my perceivable sorrow
there will be no peace
for the war is coming

the two sides of evil are taking position
to do battle
and without
and without a doubt
blood will be shed
and the battlefields of the Spirit
will be littered with Dead Bodies
that never had Souls

and as it has been told for aeons
we the peons
are the power
beyond this hour of judgment
and that is the way it was meant to be
for the scales once again must be balanced
as that 1 degree
of our cosmic civility
is embraced in truth once more
and finally
the door to that place
will be sealed

and then i can return home
with my 1 degree intact


© 20 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

vie for love . . .

vie for love

there comes a time
that man must realize
and open his eyes
and hear the cries
of his inner child

as we go forth with the understanding
we must stop demanding
that “the man” fix this thing
we must do it our selves
for the lies will not cease
until all darkness has deceased
and then only may we live in the peace
of the know
of truth

we have spent the youth of our souls
being cajoled
to follow that uncertain way
away from the lights of our day
our inner light
which dispels all night
but we did not listen
to the glowing and glistening word
spoken from that place
with no face

we chose the way of doctrine
like Babel we thought
we were building our towers to heaven
and the spirit of the unleavened bread we ate
keep us too humble
and we stumbled
on our way to that spiritual coffin
that now embraces
the better of our hopes
and we are on the ropes
perhaps just one more succinctly placed blow
will let us know
that we must awaken from the stupor
or we will be knocked out
for the count
and we may never see that rematch
for the championship

me, i wanna wear my crown again
get down again
and frown never again
in the face of how i am living
so i am giving my best this day
to create a better way
through this seeming wilderness
and if my best ain’t good enough
i can rest on the knowing
that i did try
to see through the lie
that binds us to this post
of the lost souls
and if i should die
i know i did
vie for love

© 19 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Friday, March 18, 2011

are you here ? . . . Present and Accounted For

are you here ? . . . Present and Accounted For

eyes wide shut
and reason askew
the truth of the matter
i have not a clue
as to what motivates us folks
to embrace the untrue
in lieu of embracing self

always seeking answers
to unformulated questions
about the ingestions of our psyche
and Mikey is still licking his fingers Mom
and we are still licking the asses
like the rest of the masses
looking for someone to trust in
other than our self

somehow in all the incongruity
all our obscurities
will some day come to light
some day ?
how about right NOW dammit  . . .
i just hope it is soon Ma before we get lost completely
in la de da de da Land
and forget how to demand of our selves
something better
for the “cheddar” does not buy happiness
though it may be a nice diversions
from reality
and with all due certainty
it too shall pass
“Fade” like that Hi Top
“Play” used to rock
when  “Kid”
and Pop Robin was around
to school us
on how to get down

now you know i am reaching here
but my constant fear is
what are they teaching us here
and are we learning any thing
other than the lessons at hand
how about the lessons about
the Teacher
the Preacher
as they beseech us
to blindly follow along
in trust
like we did
and still do

as we embrace
their Gods
the Idols of
and Nod
and all those peoples of the Desert
who have deserted their true calling
for the appalling aspects of a lower vibration
intoxicated by the libations
of lies
never realizing
the ultimate demise of “Free Will”
was the prize

for we can “Will” anything we wish for
to come through that door
from dreams into our realities
if we but believe

and now here i sit
in a stupefied examination
of all this shit
with no real basis of my own
save my Soul
and save what i feel
and sense
and without recompense
i put up my defense
to parry off the constant propaganda
and funk junk
confronting me
and all the poisons
i have been fed
coming to me from my own head
from within that old guy
i used to call me
he’s dead
yes dead to this bullshit
i have acquitted my own damn self
of the social charges
that i am inept
i kept my Garden well
i was not doing my part
and i know in my heart
who i am
and i just really don’t give a damn
what they think any more
though for sure
they may think they have mastered my mind
first they have to find where it dwells
hint : look in your hell
and there i am
waiting for you to peek towards that place you seek
have always sought after
seeking your “Happily Ever After”

and the day after yesterday
Right Now !
you will see me
and my unfurrowed brow
laced with love
and understanding
and peace
unceasingly inviting you to join me
and i will enjoin my self to you
and in the collective of divine liberation
we will get our celebration on
as we like John and Carlos
will raise our clenched fists
and say . .
Power to the People
and fukk ‘em all
for we have heard the call
of our greater Soul
call us
for Roll Call

are you here ?

Present and Accounted For

© 18 March 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.