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Friday, March 18, 2011

are you here ? . . . Present and Accounted For

are you here ? . . . Present and Accounted For

eyes wide shut
and reason askew
the truth of the matter
i have not a clue
as to what motivates us folks
to embrace the untrue
in lieu of embracing self

always seeking answers
to unformulated questions
about the ingestions of our psyche
and Mikey is still licking his fingers Mom
and we are still licking the asses
like the rest of the masses
looking for someone to trust in
other than our self

somehow in all the incongruity
all our obscurities
will some day come to light
some day ?
how about right NOW dammit  . . .
i just hope it is soon Ma before we get lost completely
in la de da de da Land
and forget how to demand of our selves
something better
for the “cheddar” does not buy happiness
though it may be a nice diversions
from reality
and with all due certainty
it too shall pass
“Fade” like that Hi Top
“Play” used to rock
when  “Kid”
and Pop Robin was around
to school us
on how to get down

now you know i am reaching here
but my constant fear is
what are they teaching us here
and are we learning any thing
other than the lessons at hand
how about the lessons about
the Teacher
the Preacher
as they beseech us
to blindly follow along
in trust
like we did
and still do

as we embrace
their Gods
the Idols of
and Nod
and all those peoples of the Desert
who have deserted their true calling
for the appalling aspects of a lower vibration
intoxicated by the libations
of lies
never realizing
the ultimate demise of “Free Will”
was the prize

for we can “Will” anything we wish for
to come through that door
from dreams into our realities
if we but believe

and now here i sit
in a stupefied examination
of all this shit
with no real basis of my own
save my Soul
and save what i feel
and sense
and without recompense
i put up my defense
to parry off the constant propaganda
and funk junk
confronting me
and all the poisons
i have been fed
coming to me from my own head
from within that old guy
i used to call me
he’s dead
yes dead to this bullshit
i have acquitted my own damn self
of the social charges
that i am inept
i kept my Garden well
i was not doing my part
and i know in my heart
who i am
and i just really don’t give a damn
what they think any more
though for sure
they may think they have mastered my mind
first they have to find where it dwells
hint : look in your hell
and there i am
waiting for you to peek towards that place you seek
have always sought after
seeking your “Happily Ever After”

and the day after yesterday
Right Now !
you will see me
and my unfurrowed brow
laced with love
and understanding
and peace
unceasingly inviting you to join me
and i will enjoin my self to you
and in the collective of divine liberation
we will get our celebration on
as we like John and Carlos
will raise our clenched fists
and say . .
Power to the People
and fukk ‘em all
for we have heard the call
of our greater Soul
call us
for Roll Call

are you here ?

Present and Accounted For

© 18 March 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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