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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what cleanses my Soul

what cleanses my Soul

there is a certain confirming peace
when i look at the Mountains
they stand in their regal majesty
in witness
of the landscapes of men
those that have been
those that are
and those to come

for Billions of years
they have tolerated us
watched over us
yet, still have moved little

they weep for us
in their Streams
in their Waterfalls
and their Rivers
that which they offer for our cleansing
our nurturing
my spirit knows this

i have climbed me a mountain or two
perhaps more
in my time
and every time i have crested the summit
i have found no reason to stay

why i never took time
to go for that ride
on the lisping clouds
that shrouded the anguish of men
i do not know

they are still patiently waiting for my arrival
hanging there
embracing the mountain and i
enticing me to feel what it feels like
to fly

i chose again and again
to descend
and descend again
to that all too familiar valley of men
where the lushness of life prevailed
in the Gardens
the Joys and smiles of the people
the children
playing in the liquid spirit
of the Mountain

those tears of that Mountain
which the Clouds fed
carry forth a certain Spirit
uncertain to man
perhaps it is my God
our God
who indwells within
the waters of life

it is that very same essence
which abides with me
within me
and you
as the present
our gift
in this presence

and i realize
as i open these eyes
that the Mountain,
The Clouds,
The Sun
and the Valleys
are all connected
as am i
and with this Epiphanic understanding
i like the Mountain
have resigned my self
to simply be
and my peace has been confirmed

i too like this Mountain
shall observe
i shall not be moved
and i shall shed my tears
of Joy
of Love
of Life
that i to may feed
the lush Gardens of our existence
that ushers forth the smiles of the people

for that . . . 
the Love of being
is what cleanses my Soul

© 8 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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