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Saturday, March 12, 2011

in the “Is-ness” . . . i am not alone

in the “Is-ness” . . . i am not alone

there is a Mountain i am climbing in the dark
and the Dogs of Damon are nipping at my heels
there seems to be no rest for the weary
and i am weary

my fingers are clawing in the dirt
trying to maintain hold
that i may not slide back
as i have done so many times before

the voices of the dark are all around
enticing me to let go
and follow them
been there, done that

yes, i have been here before
in this living nightmare
seeking truth and salvation
and yet the equation seemingly prevails

i feel the sweat upon my brow
and the cool night air
punctuates it’s presence
it begins to run into the corners of my eye
stinging my consciousness to acknowledge my labors
and my futility

this liquid of labor is blinding me
of what little i can see
and i thank the Stars for
not abandoning me
i taste it’s saltiness as it creases the corners of my mouth
there is a dysfunctional sweetness that prevails
perhaps it is the delusional pride of my accomplishments
after all, i have made it this far
by my self, haven’t i ?

i have no fear
but i have a jaded anger
that fuels my determination
to not be defeated again
“I” WILL !

somewhere in the distance of my own presence
i hear a soft thumping
as i listen closely
in the fervency of my “Now”
the Soul vibrating  sound draws closer
there is a warm soft Rhythmic beat
enveloping my hopes
my visions
my attention
my awareness
embracing them
with such a loving tenderness

in that Epiphanic moment
i realize that i am not alone
there is some one here
right here with me

with a dire urgency of silence
i listen closely
the beat
the beat
the beat
the beat
i feel it
as if it comes from the chambers
deep within my very own heart

my body begins to resonate
in a sort of Cosmic Dance
my spirit begins to undulate with a certain familiarity
a dance i have danced before
so many times
Aeons ago

and i closed my blinded eyes
as i kiss the memories of this place
where sunshine and bliss
were my constant companions

i remember
i remember
i remember

and within that quantum moment of recognition
my eyes open
and i realize
that i am awake
and this eclectic self created lucid dream is over
i am no longer who i accepted that i was
and i realize i never was
for “I AM” who “I AM”

all the voices but One have vanished
save that of my own
and it is my own Drum within
that speaks with a calculated harmony
confirming “HERE”
and that is where “I AM”
in the “Is-ness”
of all things
seen and unseen
and that i am not alone . . .

© 7 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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