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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

that which binds us . . .

that which binds us

there are so many convexing things upon my spirit
my soul is whispering of it’s pain
and i hear it
the tears of the Saints has become a river
yet it washes not the sediment of my anguish away

i sit and i ponder the paths man has traveled
seeking, seeking, seeking answers
trying to unlock the code  to that bright day
where liberation abides

the chains called loyalty has negated our purpose
and we somewhat willingly go along
in “Self” denial
God denial
and still yet the painted smiles
shine through

even in the darkest of time
we have still found our way
and we shall again
and again
and again

one thing the teachings did impart
was that faith was where it begins
and ends
with out it we are doomed
to but destroy the holy of holies
as so many do this very day

when we perhaps have a chance to but glimpse
i pray that we remember the light
that light that filters through
and touches that place
and if it should succeed
i do plead with you
please remember what you saw
and come back and tell us about it
share a truth with us this day
bring us a hope that will deliver us
if but for a moment
from the convexing things upon our Souls
that which binds us

© 7 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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