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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Morbid Dreams

Morbid Dreams

“i lay down my life that i mat pick it up again . . . 
for i have the power to do so” JC
hence . . .
Morbid Dreams

i sit here now in my attempts to transcribe death
and it’s supposed illusions
when faced with such a thing
all logic flees reason
they no longer proclaim themselves as truth
they relinquish their espousings
to the chatter of fear
hence . . .
Morbid Dreams

at this juxtaposition
where all that we think we are
and all that we dreamed of being
is confronted
there are no real smiles
just their distant memories

we, in but a moment 
can examine an eternity
and as we do so
surveying all that is meaningful
we become full of the absence
that which is held by an unknowing hand
hence . . .
Morbid Dreams

the people who are around me
do not seem quite real
and i do feel something
yes, something looms above.
there are no voices calling
no white light
just a certain uneasiness
that lets me know that i am still here

that epiphanic moment with no ample description
still yet dances in and out of my awareness
and the taste of it is sweetly unknown
each breath expressed
though not counted
is deeply appreciated
as they are now

all the years i have asked “why”
and such things as . . .
“what have i come to do”
could i really be that simple
have i come here but to die
to lay down my life
and in doing such
watch the illusion of life as we know it
flow down that cyclic path
from the River
to the Ocean
in a continuous undulating motion
i had no notion
until now
that life begins
in the face death
hence . . .
Morbid Dreams

i am reminded of the Genesis story
where life began in the face of darkness
as did light
and we, man has clung to this as his truth
and in our Cosmic youthful exuberance
we that have been able to describe
the Essence of God
and we have done so that all may follow their direction
and in the derelictionous ways of our leaders
we too have ascribed to the poisons of death
the Soul - Death
in so many ways
yes, we have been affected
and we believe it to be our Solemn Divine Duty
to contaminate other Souls  . . . like
of our Brothers
and Sisters
and the Mother
hence . . .
Morbid Dreams

when i ponder upon “hence . . .
Morbid Dreams”
i do know that nothing is what it seems.
could this have been but an invitation
to peek behind the curtains
of home made delusion

well in my conclusion,
i know it is not time yet
even if i must pen this past verse
and disperse this request
to trust in naught but what you see

if you choose to trust in words
be able to see them
if it is thoughts
see them feel them .  .
if it is Dreams . . .
live them
if it is God
Kiss Him
every day
for without You
actualized beyond the veil
this will be your living hell
hence . . .
Morbid Dreams

(c) 11 March 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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