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Friday, March 4, 2011

the dance of this morning

the dance of this morning

the Sun has risen this morning
and it sits just above the Eastern Horizon
smiling upon the multiplicitous landscape of life
beaming brightly
and rightly in it’s truth

the Clouds gingerly hang above
and kissing
all that they can
playing peek-a- boo with the heavens
they let forth a soft offering
of gentle snowflakes
who like white winged butterflies
dance the sacred dance of the Mother’s call
and they surrender
as one . . . as all

Brother Wind has quelled himself
his presence is but a soft breath
that teases the leaves and the snowflakes
in a playful wonder
He too stands in observance
He too pays homage to the Divinity of it all

All the Trees of the Land
bow in reverence
and all the Flowers and Grasses and Shrubs
humbled themselves
to this pristine concordant symphony
the choreography of Life

i stand
and i witness this magnificence of being
this offering
this morning
of these flakes
who come to quench the thirst of souls
such as mine
and all who would observe

there is a synchronicity of need  being answered
and i know this
perhaps it is simply
my need for ponderance
and reflection
of the wonder
of creation

i am thankful
that all this magic
has converged
to my consciousness
here . . .
now . . .
in . . .
the dance of this morning

© 4 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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