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Friday, March 4, 2011

a Poets Path

a Poets Path

i am the uncertain cloud
a non compliant giant
of essence
that is moved by the winds of change

i hover over the mountains
when i touch them
they touch me
and my presence condenses to form
i am now a dew drop
as i begin my poetic journey
i am moved by a necessity
commanded by gravity
and i gather with my peers
and we together form a puddle
a collective of oneness

as we cohere in connectivity
in word
in the law
of gravity
and in consciousness
our being migrates
to form a rivulet and thus a stream

our movement becomes a flow
down the slopes of understanding
and we are transcending
moving a small piece of the Mountain
to that Holy River that feeds all life

along our way
this and every day
we offer cleansing
a rinsing of the soiled things
and sparkle of hope
for which life sings
and babbles
and speaks anew
as we feed the seeds
of all hopes

we finally arrive
to that Ocean of truth
in movement
in life
in word
and the Earth of all things has heard
our song
as we quenched the soul thirst
of all who would drink
and again we are thankful
to have touched
and given service
as we again return
from whence we come
thus is our sum
thus is our path
of spirit
that of the Poet

© 3 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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