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Sunday, March 20, 2011



i live but 1 degree
outside the realm of madness
359 is my sign

we hold the line
perhaps much too often
and the demise of time
eases by
quietly unnoticed

the rage of indignation
roars loudly
and i shush it continually
for what am i to do with it
should i let it out

without a doubt
it’s purpose would be to destroy
those walls
that has contained it’s glow

for this eternity
and with a certain certainty
it ain’t gonna be pretty
when that flower becomes the beast

for too many lifetimes
yeast has been added to our anguish
and our pain
and we with a jaded compassion
sat and watch the inane ones
convince us that it was us
with their subtle suggestions
and all the things we ingested
tested our mettle
as the kettle boils over

these aspects of the inhumanity
and the non divinity
we have endured
are losing it’s flavor

our passivity
is becoming the wicked ones
of the morrow
and much to my perceivable sorrow
there will be no peace
for the war is coming

the two sides of evil are taking position
to do battle
and without
and without a doubt
blood will be shed
and the battlefields of the Spirit
will be littered with Dead Bodies
that never had Souls

and as it has been told for aeons
we the peons
are the power
beyond this hour of judgment
and that is the way it was meant to be
for the scales once again must be balanced
as that 1 degree
of our cosmic civility
is embraced in truth once more
and finally
the door to that place
will be sealed

and then i can return home
with my 1 degree intact


© 20 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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