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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every Saturday

Every Saturday

my Son and i awakened that Saturday Morning
the Sun was bright
it was a lovely Spring Day

we brushed our teeth
washed our face
as we prepared for our weekly visit
to the market
needless to say he was so excited
we both were

we dressed
in a sort of reverent appreciation
for life
a warm silence
permeated the air
and we could hear our own hearts beating
with anticipation

we exited the house
that morning about 10 o’clock
the birds were singing
while digging in the lush green lawn
looking for brunch i guess
just as they did every Saturday Morning
when we went about our quest
to the market

yes my Son and i were on a mission
we had things to do
Brown Bags to fill
with edible Discoveries of the day

we jumped in the car
i turned the key
which cranked the engine
and my son
he asked if he could drive
i smiled as i did every other Saturday
and i replied
“One Day Soon Son”
he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye
and he said
“OK Daddy . . .Cool”
i chuckled
as we buckled our Seatbelts

we pulled out of the Drive way
many of our neighbors were busy
mowing their lawns
tending their Flower Gardens
and all sorts of Saturday Morning things

and this Saturday Morning
just like every Saturday Morning
He, my Son waved
and said hello to them all
and told everyone
“we are on the way to the mall”
i softly looked at him in love
and i accepted his perspective in silence
as i do every Saturday

we arrived at the market
and he anxiously bounced in car
in the seat
while i parked it
when we came to a stop
he hurriedly unbuckled his belt
and i chuckled for i felt
his glee
all in me

he quickly ran to the Market
ahead of me
you see
he had a routine
which was a part of his joy
his life
his need
and before i could plead with him to slow down
he was through the doors
and into the store
seeking to satisfy his heart’s wishes

and as i approached
he came back out again
with a smile that had no end
and he exclaimed
“I know what i am going to buy Mommy”
i smiled warmly
and before i could evoke the question “what?”
he spoke of such things in the bakery
like the Pastry with Nuts
and such
but today he wanted to get Chesse Cake
yes Cheese Cake
just as he does every Saturday

we both knew that was her favorite
if she was here with us
she would savor it
and her Favorite of course
was Strawberry

we went into the market
to the Bakery
as we did every Saturday
and John the Baker
came to the counter
and said cheerily
with deliberate flattery
How can i help you young man.
and my son beamed in bright wonder
for John had acknowledge him
as an growing equal
a man soon to be
one who could make valid decisions
for him self
and his Mother

He placed his order
and John lovingly wrapped it
with a certain and knowing care
he put a special bow of string on it
as he did every Saturday morning

my son surveyed the package
took his order gingerly
and held it
in the crest of his arms
he did not want his gift damaged
it was heartfully special to him

we completed or errands in the market
and we went to the car where we parked it
we got in our seats
our mission complete
we buckled our Seat belts
and we drove home

there was a hanging silence in the car at this time
as we both knew what was to come
we pulled into the Driveway
exited the Car
and entered the house
with a prevalent awareness
of each and every now laborious step
we entered the Kitchen

My son unwrapped the Cheesecake
and placed it on the Plate
his Mother Favorite plate
that which she loved
as long as we could remember

we sat at the Table
and we bowed our heads
and offered a Prayer
to Mommy
for Mommy was not here
she was in the world of Spirit
and the Prayer we prayed
was that She could hear it

we prayed that Cancer
would never take another Mommy from a child
and though Mommy has been gone from us a while
we still felt her presence

the Tears flowed from within us
and began to drip on the Table
and in a knowing Silence
that Mommy was not dead
we each grabbed a napkin
and wiped our eyes
and as we did each and every Saturday
we realized
just how much she still means to us

we gave thanks

and my Son
the coming Man
did understand
something quite profound
that  grounded him
and that was
that through it all
we must continue to answer the call
every Saturday
every Day
for Mommy
for God
for Us
Love Prevails . . .

© 9 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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