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Monday, March 14, 2011

the South Side of Heaven

the South Side of Heaven

it was another beautiful day
here on the South Side of Heaven
not too warm as one would expect
the infernal fires of commendation
still burned ferociously
in a few hearts here and there
but there was this cool breeze of indifference that prevailed
no one really truly seemed to give a damn
about what those guys in the robes had to say any more

though they still were begging in the streets
preaching and frothing at the mouth
about such things as Tithes
and payment for some old concept of behavior
they called sin
no one bought into it any more
every one had lost their fear
we all embraced love
even for those misinformed fools
in their Satin and Silk Robes
of Regal Reds and Purples

i remember long ago when i was a kid
the many nightmare i had
where this horned Red Beast
who breathed fire use to come and visit
i have even forgiven them for that
stealing my inner light
and holding it ransom
for their misinterpretation
of how i could get back home
to heaven

do you think they knew
all along that Heaven was always mine
it was within me
just like the Christ guy said
we have looked all around
for what we always had
the key to the gate

and now as i sit and ponder
the migration of spiritual man
i realize we did not have to go as far as we thought
it was all that erroneous stuff
that we bought into
that inhibited our understanding
and the Shepherds of this flock we call Human
had their own agendas
they wanted such empty things as
Not one of them could fit through that needle’s eye
and they refused to ask why
perhaps it was something about
that Log in their eye
that kept them blinded

and i am reminded
of all the centuries of time
and all the Poet’s Rhymes
that tried to tell us there was so much more
in less
and the leaders tried their best
to keep the knowledge amongst them selves
only to discover this truth i
the real Hell
lives within as well

funny how things change over the ages
the Sages become the Fools
and the Jesters run the schools
for freedom is what we all truly vied for
and died for
and now that the score is back to zero
we are at that point of understanding
that demanding anything
is not the “Secret” of Attraction
nor it’s Law.
we have all lived
and we saw with our own eyes
a greater realization
and that was to but speak a word
and let it be

and here on the South Side of Heaven
I am free

©  10 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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