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Monday, January 11, 2010

beaches of my existence . . .


beaches of existence


i was walking along the beaches of my existence
contemplating my shore and my Seas of deep
as i realized how far i have come and gone
i just stood and i started to weep

once again i have been delivered
to the safe harbor of dry land
i look to the Heavens with gratitude
for here is another day and i stand

i know once again i shall embark
on yet another journey, another quest
i pray that i may gather my light
as i enter thy dark with my best

i will don my armour of hope
to discover things i know not of
i shall depart with the zeal of the Midnight Stars
and give my light to the night with love

as you stand on the beaches of your existence
can you hear the Ocean’s mythical song
come with me and we shall quest as One
and let us fill our cup with that which we long


© 2008 : William S. Peters, Sr.



Tree of the Land

The Tree of the Land

There was a Land, and on that Land there was a People. On the Land of the People there was a Mount. At the top of that Mount there was a Tree.

The Tree did not look like much, but at certain times upon the back drop of the Sky, the Tree took on an appearance of “Reverence’ unequaled by any thing upon the Land. The Stars of the Sky seemed to embrace this Craggy Old Tree with their Lighted Beauty, thereby enhancing the Tree’s distinction. Oh what a sight to see.

Over the Time of the Ages, this Tree was the subject of many Stories and Folklore across the Land. The People of this land developed a wonderful Symbiotic Life with this Tree. They had come to depend on this Tree and the Tree quiet as it was became a part of their Family. They truly had an unspoken Love for each other. It was as if they were connected in some unknown sense of being. You might say that they over the time in this land had become “One”!
As the younger generations came to be, it had become quite common for the People of the Land to consult the Tree with their concerns of Life. They truly saw this Tree as Wise.

Yes, this Tree had firmly ingrained itself into their Culture, their Family, their Community and their Hearts. The Beauty of this Tree had transmuted itself to the depths of their Soul . . . the meaning of Life. The Tree was Life, and they knew it. The People of the Land celebrated the presence of the Tree in their life with Song and Dance. They were so grateful.

As time continued on, the people noticed how the Field surrounding the Tree had started to blossom forth with Life. The Beauty was truly manifesting itself to the environment that surrounded it. It’s Grace was there in their Visions as a provider of things of Grace and Beauty. It had begun to adorn the Fields of Life that had come to surround it’s presence. The Fields were dancing with Life, and the People of the Land saw this as coming from the Tree, which they had come to love so much. They instinctively knew that the Root of cause was founded in Love. The Children of the People of the Land sat for hours and days in Peace and Joy in the quiet Solitude of this wonder.

Again as time went forth, the Legend of the Tree went forth across all Lands of all the People. Pilgrims began to come see . . . to see if the Fable of this Tree was as reported. Upon Arrival, the interesting aspect of what each One (Pilgrim) saw was “As They Saw!”

Some Pilgrim’s visions were that of a Lonely Tree sitting in Solitude upon a Mount.

Others saw A Tree of Solitude On a Mount with the Beautiful Background of the Sky . . .
but they did not see the Stars . . .

Others saw a Tree that was Loved by the People of the Land, but they saw not much more . . .

and others saw the Wisdom of the Tree . . .

Others saw the connectivity of the Tree to the People of the Village. Why they even experienced it for themselves . . .

some even became the Tree . . .

and then there was the Wise Men of Other Lands . . . and they saw the Dualism of All Life . . .

and the Priest saw the Contrasts of Good and Evil . . . wwooooooooooo

the Children of Life saw something so much different than all those
Learned and Mature Ones before them . . .

Though they saw the Mystery of Life as evoked through those who were so much more intelligent than they . . .

they choose to see a place of Love . . .

where Love was Abundant . . .

They saw a Place of Peace and Joy where their hearts could explore the Glory and Wonders of Life.

What i have learned from the Children is simply this . . . .
There are many Seasons in Life . . .

yet, it is we who are in Control of how we perceive the aspects of what we see . . .

we CAN choose to Dance and Sing . . .

for . . .

Life is how you see it !

let us acknowledge the Beauty of Life . . . and then let “IT” spread across the Lands of All the People !

(c) 7 April 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

whose Child . . .

One day i was riding down the street. I observed a young boy out in the yard playing Baseball joyfully by him self. My mind and my spirit went to the absolute Joy of his "BE"ing. I then pondered why are some children's paths so different from others . . . . and thus, this short Poem came about . . .

one child playing baseball
another child doing drugs
what lies betwixt the two
was simply a few more hugs ?

both were told "I LOVE you"
but they were only words
One Child was show the meaning
to the words the other never heard

(c) 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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Bonus : Help Lizzy . . .

~Help Lizzy~mp3~

Help Lizzy

the Cabs were busy
and there was a girl named Lizzy
looking for a free ride
walking the streets
looking for treats
for her best friend, her mother had died

she was lost and alone
a runaway from home
and a Father she never knew
she did not understand
just what was God’s plan
neither do i, do you ?

she had lost all her hope
she was now doing dope
doing tricks to feed her vice
sometimes she would cry
and just wish she could die
yet she bore her cross like Christ

she was only fourteen
with no shoulder to lean
no Mother nor Father nor Friend
if you should see her about
be a caring soul and reach out
and bring Lizzy’s story to an end.

~Help Lizzy~mp3~

(c) June 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.