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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

caught up

caught up

sometimes we get caught up
in the speed
and the need
to keep it movin’
and we neglect the feeding of our souls

we live in a world
that sells us autonomy
but Tommy didn’t know this

there was a seething prevailing anger
he felt it
yet he dealt with it
but there were times
he felt he was going to explode
or maybe it was implode
for the road he traveled within
had no foreseeable end
and he was frustrated
with the deliberations
and the lack of liberation
from this disconnected existence
and regardless of his resistance
to the ways of the days
he still felt powerless
in this power hungry world

Tommy was an average guy
he did not want much
just a little peace
and love
and such

every thing seemed so Teflon in flavor
with nothing to savor
the tastes of relationships
were sweetly salty
or is it sweet and sour
that created this soulful dour-ness
of existence

no one wanted to “BE” committed
yes the words were easy
but where were they spoken from
perhaps some delusional dream state
what was to be the fate of humanity
and were resided the enduring sanity
that would turn the light on the vanity
we all embraced about self
yes Tommy like so many of us
was out of sync
and the divine link
that used to connect us all
has taken a fall
only to be defined
in some unknown Poet’s Lines
therefore no one paid mind

and i too am caught up
for it would seem
that all we deemed at one time worthy
has been soiled
and dirty
and bought up
by the spoon fed
force fed
propaganda machines
and their agendas

and as we harp upon what is wrong
the songs of what was once valued has been forgotten
and i ask
was it the Harp thing
that created the wailing
of my brothers and sisters
of Haiti
New Zealand
and soon to come
to this land
do we really understand
that we are the Power
the Reason
the Magic
and we need to be getting
before the final Sun gets to setting
caught up

in life . . . in love

1 March 2011 : William S. Peters Sr.

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