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Saturday, March 19, 2011

vie for love . . .

vie for love

there comes a time
that man must realize
and open his eyes
and hear the cries
of his inner child

as we go forth with the understanding
we must stop demanding
that “the man” fix this thing
we must do it our selves
for the lies will not cease
until all darkness has deceased
and then only may we live in the peace
of the know
of truth

we have spent the youth of our souls
being cajoled
to follow that uncertain way
away from the lights of our day
our inner light
which dispels all night
but we did not listen
to the glowing and glistening word
spoken from that place
with no face

we chose the way of doctrine
like Babel we thought
we were building our towers to heaven
and the spirit of the unleavened bread we ate
keep us too humble
and we stumbled
on our way to that spiritual coffin
that now embraces
the better of our hopes
and we are on the ropes
perhaps just one more succinctly placed blow
will let us know
that we must awaken from the stupor
or we will be knocked out
for the count
and we may never see that rematch
for the championship

me, i wanna wear my crown again
get down again
and frown never again
in the face of how i am living
so i am giving my best this day
to create a better way
through this seeming wilderness
and if my best ain’t good enough
i can rest on the knowing
that i did try
to see through the lie
that binds us to this post
of the lost souls
and if i should die
i know i did
vie for love

© 19 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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