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Friday, December 23, 2011

Thy Words, Thy Love

Thy Words, Thy Love

the words dripped off his lips like honey
he made you want to lick them

he had a tongue
that could make Satan succumb
and offer his all
at his altar
without falter
or thought

for even the Dark One
would be caught up
in the intoxicating elixir
that filled this one’s cup
for it was the sweetness
that ushered forth the completeness
that even the Angel possessed not

just the mere mention of his name
defamed Virgins
and resurrected them again
to the throne of grace
they were created to occupy
and i sigh

and the eyes of all men envied
that perplexity
that of their own convolutions
held within
for all they knew of
was Sin
for they did not understand

in spirit i too am that Virgin
awaiting my Bridegroom
that we may be wed
and my soul be em-bedded
again and again
as i am deflowered
from the illusions
of the world

let the chaff be gleaned
and thy glory be seen
as i cease to demean
my greater self
my God essence
the expression of presence
which is about me
within me
and abound

my Lorde
my Beloved
speak to them
speak to me
set me free
and let me be tethered to naught
but thee
that which my soul
has always sought

lift thy veil
and erect it to my ship
to catch and gather the Winds
that i may sail
once again
the Cosmic Oceans of knowledge
that i “AM”
as thou Art
Omni in all things
and the Universe Sings

let the Nebulas of the Heavens
speak to me
dance for me
sing praises to me
for we are one
one energy
in this concordant symphony
we have come to know as life

let the Sun come up
and never set again
in the lives of the children

i shall erect it
in the permanence of truth
just as the Ancients
and the Sayers of Sooth

and with the words spoken
from the Heart of you Source
of course
our expression
is but a confession
of that which is grande

and they, thy words
shall drip from my lips
like honey
that others may taste of thy love

(c) 23 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Janet Caldwell said...

Beautifully written! "He that hath an ear" xo

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

Thank you so much Dear Janet . . .
blessings to you