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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

can you hear that call ?

can you hear that call ?

he walked around the landscape of man
with the seat of his pants still dampened
from sitting upon the Dew ladened grasses
of the early morn

yes he still embraced
these magical moments of transformation
as he took a ring side seat
to the new day’s glory
on the Skirts of Mother’s Garden

he sat in a ambient silence
as he awaited the dawn of this days symphony
where the fragrance of Mothers offering
danced in the gentle stirring
of life

he could smell the Harvest’s fruit
as it whispered it’s hopes and expectations
to his soul
and he became the exuberant instrument of it’s song

he cared not about his own appearance
for that which he had witnessed
dwarfed the thoughts of man
and all judgment

all he knew is that
his heart was filled with a light
and he lent this freely
to all who would taste this Joy he possessed
the sweetness he gave
the Gift

he remembers how the Sun of the new day
crept across the landscape in reverence
slowly awakening it’s Children . . .
and how it’s vibrant light
touched his naked toes
and warmed them
only to completely envelope him
with an indelible surety
that he was present
and he was

he could still hear the chirping
of those who sat beside him
in this Amphitheater
in the Pews of this Holy Temple
and offered their praise as well
as they commenced with living
and giving back
in songs of joy
and gratitude

yes, he was thankful
each day
for in that stilled moment
within him
he was held by Creation
and the Hand that spawned it all

can you hear that call ?
the Song of your Heart.

(c) 27 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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