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Thursday, December 29, 2011

from where i come

from where i come

we embrace a concept
that things must be done
that we may validate
and dreams

to be
or not to do
to do
or not to be
what was that question you asked ?

where in the garden is the middle road
the Awakened One spoke of ?
or was it beyond the border
where the absence of suffering lived
you know
that village down the road

by the way,
where is that road
where does it begin ?

i myself have wandered for many a year
not always diligent
not always seeking
but always indulging
in something or another

there were many a sweet slumber
where dreams of miniscule things
such as a sweet embrace
were actualized
and i smile now
for it was those moment
that now loom so significant
in this little hovel
i live in now

there was a time
i cared not to dream
of such things as gardens
and now i am a forgone horticulturist
yes, forgone
for all other thoughts
have seemingly died
along that roadside
many years ago
but i remember them
for they earmarked
the steps of maturity along the way

maturity did you say ?
scratch that
for i still am in some sort of fog
however the contexuality
has changed
as life redressed it’s agendas
and me too

these days i anxiously await sign
to see that slightest showing of green
that signifies new life
as it crest the furrows
for what i do know
this is life
and with any providence at all
perhaps there will be a fruit
of some kind
this i do enjoy
so i plant seeds
along my road side
should i have to be redressed again
and visit that place
from where i come

(c) 29 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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