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Saturday, December 17, 2011

the universe replete, thus i speak

the universe replete, thus i speak

the beast stands beside me
a dimension apart
whispering in a language
in the cloakings
of resonant memory

i hear the tone
and it strikes a chord
that calls forth the warrior
whose days of dormancy
has come to an end

what shall come of
what i have come to know ?
the question fades
with the urgency
of task
so i ask not anymore

before me stands the quest
to aright that which is askew
with me
and all the crooked paths
become straightened

there is no anger
nor penchant for balance
just retribution
for the eons of torture
the innocent child have suffered

but a bite i took
of that spoiled fruit
which compelled me
to adventure beyond the knowing

and the sowing of seed
i have done
attempting to resurrect the glory
i once held
that was stolen
and bestowed upon my brother
of the shadows
all because
of that simple misdeed
was for naught
thus far

how i long to drink again
from that place
where the four rivers
converge in the garden
that my soul may find it’s clarity,
but i was cursed
for my innocent offering,
banished to wander
in a realm not of mine own.
had i known . . . would i have ?

we have erected towers
in our feeble attempts
to return home
and they spilled the people like me
upon the land of dreams
and we awakened
with ”Babel”-ing tongues
of understanding

we built alters
offering our obeisance
and they turned their back upon us
and they called themselves Gods ?
this is when i asked the question
“to what, to whom do we serve?”

i suffer this anguish daily
meeting the Sun each morn
with a truth
that i must endure the game
yet another cycle of time
and my soulful query of “Why”
seems to fall on the ears of the deaf

i have offered penance
i have offered stripes
i have offered love
but there is naught they wish for
for they have many souls
who are all too willing
to do their vain bidding
and to be their sacrificial lambs
so my blood is not required . . .

they find pleasure
in the songs of the Righteous
and the lament
of their daily toils
and we erect symphonies of anguish
praying that Prime will intercede
and we plead
and we plead
and we plead

in the interim of space
that place where
light is swallowed
where the hollowness does exist
in the abyss
of nothingness
we send our hope
to be vanquished
that it too,
the future of our children
be not eaten
for though we are not beaten, yet
we have let
the deceits overcome us
and now we ask
in what God do we trust

in the cavity of creation
where the breath of the Holy
was implanted
we aspire to ride the ether
of our inspiration
that we may transmute
the power of Soul Speak
that others may hear
and set free their fear
to no longer roam
in their own houses
that they may visit upon
the domiciles of these false warlords
and collect their reciprocal bounties
i am removing the shackles silently
that they not notice
as i unblind my singular eye

and i now see clearly
the disparity
which we once called our verity
our truth

now the winds of solace
dance playingly
with the unified consciousness
of the people
and we all begin to sense
a greater presence
summing up our wantings,
that which is no longer appeased
in nor with empty prayers
that were never heard

and that which we thought
and was taught
was once the beast
has long ceased it’s whisperings
for the voice i now hear
is that same holy breath
infused in me
and my fear is loosed

and now i have come,
i no longer dream
of empty things
i need not the Law of Attraction,
for within this fraction of existence in me
that small morsel of Prime
is mine

and i am
the universe replete
thus i speak

(c) 17 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

written at 6:00 AM

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