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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Compellation and Tryst

Compellation and Tryst

what innate character within man
compels him to mold such manner
that has him
embrace his muse
with divine affection
in a moment
and thus
turn the shoulder
of conscious rejection

is it the dichotomous aspects
of Soul
the convolution of Spirit and Matter

and it does matter to me
the flatterous words of thee
my muse
as you impart to me
that which i can not
readily see

and then i shoo you
rebuke you
for you
make my indulgence
of self
you do
i thought you knew
perhaps you do
as you exact what’s due

our appointed times have come
have gone
and at times you come
in rhymes and verse
at times
your words
are terse
as you attempt to disperse
that which is wayward

and then
i draw closer
to that mystical place
where i may one day face
my sum

i often contemplate
and examine
many such things
as the compellation
and tryst of man

and with your whisperings
i believe i am on to something

i consider just how
does a Muse like you
speak thru
that which confuses me
as you bemuse me
with the breeze from Soul
from heart

but never mind, mind
for mind is being schooled
and ruled
by the illusions
and the delusions it creates
to not suffocate
its self in it’s own mind stuff
it regurgitates

how does one control a mind
a thought
its quite easy  you see

you take a Truth
and dress it with a Lie
and there belies the quest
of man

or you take a Lie
and veil it with Truth
and man will never understand
and that is but another test

and in my thinking process
i must confess
that i always embraced
Truth as an ultimate
but can i face it,
taste it upon my tongue ?

this is my song being sung

and thus continues
the venue
of the endless seeking
and we believe we are peeking
at the Sun
the Light
held within a Night
but not quite

who was it . . .  Descartes
who said
“Cogito Ergo Sum”
“i think therefore i am”
damn him

had we not assumed
would we . . . “BE”

caught betwixt
needing that fix
to become aplomb
and list no more
on the Oceans of consciousness
and find that shore
that safe harbor
where we journey no more
the stormy seas
uttering pleas to the heavens
twixt . . . and
of Compellation and Tryst ?

(c) 25 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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