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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i am just a poet . . .

i am just a poet . . .

destined or cursed
fated ?
i can’t help my self

words dancing in my head
seeking acknowledgement upon my pad
begging my spirit to liberate them
from their prisons within me
that they too
may see the light

such is the way
of we who listen

can you hear the cries of the children
the hungry
the thirsty
who wish to sup
from thy cup
and sit at thy table poet ?
feed them !

i look to the heavens
and words rain down
into my consciousness
stirring me to awaken
and serve
their syllabic libations

i look at one who may suffer
an anguish of their own
and it becomes that of mine
begging me to lend my voice
choice ?

within that of my own self
there are confused little children
playing in the playgrounds
swinging and laughing
falling and crying
as they are vying
against the tethers of my denial
i must give them life

i go to sleep
and they whisper
always attempting to awaken me
and my pen
is this the duty i have come to exact
in this time around the circle

we spin thoughts into stories
laden with spirit’s virus
that we may infect
that and whom may be affected
and none are safe

and the angry little devilish ones
seem to be having fun
when they expectorate
with a vengeance
when i liberate them
and their malcontent voices

i would rather think of
Flowers and Butterflies
but they won’t let me
they say i sleep too much
for their liking

we strike deals with them
for all that appeals to them
is to make me suffer
as i struggle to be clear
is this the embodiment of my fear
dear poet
that they may become silent ?

this is one for the ones who would understand
the demand
to write
and weave the verse
with meter and rhyme
in lines
to be inspected
by those about us

more times than should be
belies our own validations
odd you say ?

for in the speaking
of those faintly heard voices
to the paper
we extricate our own woes
and who knows
what would become of me
if i did not

destined or cursed
fated ?
i can’t help my self
i am just a poet . . .

(c) 27 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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