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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

for Winter is Coming

for Winter is Coming

it was a soft semi gray morning
in early December
Time is working her way towards Winter
Raindrops being sprinkled
from shapeless Heavens
across the Landscape of the Wood

The sound of the pitter patter
as the droplets played their symphony
of awakening on the Fallen Autumn Leaves
Would they respond
any more then they are
in their submission
to the Orchestration of life recycled ?

Do they know of compost
and the nurturing richness
that causes new life to flourish.
We too are destined in body
to feed this same paradigm,
the call for regeneration
the call for life’s unending cycle

in reflective thoughts of eons past
i remember my own music
and my own submission
to the “what is”.
Was it Erner who taught that . . .
or just the experiential aspects of knowing ?

there are many Erhards
who will come through life cycles
offering incomplete resonance
to the illusion’s matrix
complicating souls
through their intent of goodness

and goodness knows
i am grateful
for all these signposts on the road
that tells me
this path was traveled before
for the fear of loneliness
has been subverted
with familiarity

we perhaps were the ones
who erected these signs
that we may not get lost
when memory is stripped from consciousness
as we re-nter the classroom once again

will rote deliver thee
to the destination Soul seeks
or is this but another “Do-over”?
because we are not attentive
to the little nuances
that now speak so loudly
in the Silence

and though in the past
i have been defiant
i now find i am reliant
for i am Soulfully weary
of looking at my reflection
in the mirror of all things,
Source manifest

if this was a test
i have acquiesced to failure
for i refuse to any longer
be but an observer
for now i recuse self
for i wish but to serve
the silence
for my fervor is but to watch
and take notes
embedded in Rhyme
and in Verse
inversed form where i thought
i was supposed to be

and this day i am watching
to the pitter patter
upon the leaves
and i realize
that they are me as well,
as is Time and her Veil of illusion
as she marches silently
but determined
towards another winter

for Winter is Coming

6 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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