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Thursday, December 22, 2011

with a map

with a map

from the heavens of self made egocentricity
to the bowels of humility
has he traveled
unraveling his thought from doctrine
seeking ideals betwixt
pleasure and pain

would suffering liberate him
would he learn to appreciate the small things
with humility
sitting heavy upon the shoulders
of his consciousness
or just wear the cloak
of falseness
molded by his cooperative spirit
which seemingly went along with the wind
who knows how it blows tomorrow

there was a sorrow that abided

the 4 letter words were taking their toll
he was paying the price
yet never had any groceries in the bag
and the cupboard was filled
with meaningless things
which could not sustain
anything save the illusion
that he was ok

and day by day
he sought to shore up the walls
of his esteem
for he like so many others
were taught the theories
of the “lesser than”
aspects of self
such as sin

again and again
the world about him embraced this
kiss of a preeminent death
and we believed
that there was no overcoming
so we went slumming
trying to forget
yet something was speaking within him
dispelling the indoctrinations
of this manufactured existence

thought was like a pestilence
upon the vain hopes
of we children who attempted
to climb those slippery slopes
of liberation
from the teachings
that prevailed since man could remember

and if you forgot
there was always one
somewhere all too willing
to remind you of the class
of asses. . .
ooopps i meant the masses
who would question not
a thing
but just moseyed along
singing the song
all life long
of accepted rote

did you read the note from God today ?
it is in your Soul
yes en-whole
with a map

(c) 21 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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