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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

to the Dead

to the Dead

to the Dead amongst us
and those who are on their way
to passing on
what is your take
on this race we run
the Human Race

as you seek to pass the Baton
in this eternal relay
do you have ANY
profound words to say ?

we know that no one
gets out alive
from 9 seconds
to nine hundred and sixty nine
we find
what ?

Cycles perhaps
maybe some Swede Chaps
to keep our asses from getting sore
as we ride deep
in lifes saddle

some find a better Oar
to paddle
up Life’s “Shit Stream”
where Dreams
may come to be
to be abandoned
to those who would be left
to the left
and to the right
or behind
waiting our dark night
to consume us

trust me
this transitory stage
and it’s fleeting moments
are naught
in the face of eternity
what ever that means

and though i can not remember seeing
it’s face
something inside tells me
this is not the space for me
the place for me
and  life
has another taste for me
of a sweeter fruit

must i die to achieve
what i vie for
live for
is it all according
to what i believe
or are we deceived again

must i lay down this life again
and again
and again
when will we get it right
my friend
and liberate
our selves from this
“Karmic Merry Go Round”

nothing profound here
to think about here
and it may be nothing
that needs changing here
scary thoughts huh ?

perhaps we are in the Haunted House
where Disney and Mickey Mouse
are the victims
of our dictums
for distraction
from this faction
of quasi realities
because we can

if not Death
then let me arise
open my eyes
and see a truth
any truth
some truth
one that does not pass away
along with our youth
only to revisit
some many years later
only to fade
as i pen this lowly
to the Dead

(c) 12 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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