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Monday, December 5, 2011

chasing Ghosts . . . comfortable with that ?

chasing Ghosts . . .
comfortable with that ?

am i chasing Ghosts
the Ghosts of my intent
where does the key
to actualization lie
as i vie
to fulfill this dream

tears spilled
in my loneliness
upon the pillow
where my sorrows
have come to reside

in the morning light
they do not hide
for the stains
of my pains
residually show up

sometimes it is memories
of past joys
that twist the knife
into the heart of my now
and somehow
i escape
most times not

there are anxieties waiting for me
further down the road
some hidden
some obscure
but for sure
there are those dirty little bastards
who blatantly
await our arrival

i read the affirmations
that perspectives are mine to have
or have not
is this the healing Balm
the Salve of this soul
as i tweak and cajole
my self from this truth
that dominates

at times it wanes
and waxes again
in the cycle of the moon light
not garnered only to the night
but within the day
telling me the Sun is not bright
and my fright then transmutes
to a higher truth
that i may awaken
and know that all that i have forsaken
of my regality
was but my creation
my frailty
in my Faith

that i may spend my life energy
chasing Ghosts

comfortable with that ?

(c) 5 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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