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Thursday, December 29, 2011

and of course . . . i will smile

and of course . . . i will smile

we watch them go by
this occurrence of time
like rivers they flow
filled with smiles and tears

the fears we once held
have been dispelled
with the forward march
for they were
but some strange shadow
that somehow
interceded betwixt
me and my light

i reflect on the road
and the passages of rite
and rote

and a side note
we made it through
anyway . . . didn’t we

so here we stand
some looking forward
some behind
some blind-ed
by circumstance
or choice
yet for all
there are the voices
cloistering themselves
taking numbers
and standing in line
for their turn to speak
and plead their cause
for your attention

some offer obeisance
and reverence
and some
are just damned and filled
with arrogance
for me
for you
for anything but self
and how they would have me walk

and while they sit in the Lobby
and the truthful seekers
in the pews
seeking to aright
all the askews
in the me’s
and the you’s
we perhaps may get lucky
and comprehend
it is we who choose
to travel the easy road
or cut one of our own

and deep inside each one of us
i know we have known
that choice
and how we exact
our way of travel
is the voice the universe hears
and responds to

so i will skip
but not to Lou
for i have none
but skip i shall just the same
with a smile upon my countenance
for it is quite simple
voices or silence
this is where i am

and it matters not what i do tomorrow
for that will also appear
show up
and validate it’s self
as i just allow
my nows to be strung together
with no didactic recourse

and of course
i will smile

(c) 29 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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