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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blue Rock

Blue Rock

chained to the Blue Rock
this Angel wanted to fly again
yes, he wanted to soar the galaxies
create multiversal perspectives
dance with the Nebulas
take picnics in Black Holes
where he can not be found

he tired of looking
at his subverted anguish

did he sign on for this
he could not remember
but something inside
was pulling him beyond this bondage

so he dreamed
and even they were with limits
when based on who he had been taught he was
but he has yet to believe it
for he perceived it . . . . life
was so much more

the doctrine of density
was heavy here
laced with etheric fears
and doubts
where each thought
acted as an invalidation
to another world

though he knew
they were but wisping
intangible emanations
made of vagrant banished souls
he played and mused with them
just the same
they were the only friends he had
that seemingly understood
this was not a fad of a mad man

he like so many others of his kind
wished for revelation
hoped for it
just One epiphany
that would confirm
that he did not belong here
it must have been a mistake

but he clung to that seed
deep in the recesses of his being
it must have been a Star Seed
that light he was seeing within
that twinkled
for the Heavens
was all he could focus on.
this is what his need dictated

and here is another day
that Prime remained silent
during his soulful
violent quiet cries
in his defiance
of this surreal journey
that went no where
for he was chained
to this Blue Rock

(c) 7 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

1 comment:

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

The “Blue Ball Show”

i came to see the magic
the “Blue Ball Show”
that all Universal Beings spoke of

i had some pull
and i spoke whispers
in corners
and shadows
of the Nebulas
and procured me
a Ring Side Seat
Neat i thought
not realizing
what i bought

little did i know
those i trusted to be Helpers
were Scalpers
in Robes
and Halos made in Taiwan
you know
the ones where the light blink
off and on

they were
hustling spaces
and faces
in places
no sane soul
was ready for

and then the door closed
and we were trapped
in this very slow
lethargically dull
where libations
and intoxications
were the rue of the day
that lasts a thousand years

so we embraced the commercials
for the main event was lacking
so we believed
and many of us
were packing our bags
after the first millennia
for we wanted out
and there was no doubt
that we were here for the ride
the long ride
and we knew
that someone lied to us
and this happens every time
you hear these words
“trust me”

so here we are
the 3rd Rock
from the Minor Star
you know,
the blue one
having fun
playing with delusions
creating new illusions
conferring allusions
and becoming
the magic we came to see
The “Blue Ball Show”

© 13 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.