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Saturday, December 3, 2011

~ * ~ the Jester ~ * ~

~ * ~ the Jester ~ * ~

I am but a fool in his folly.
I know not of these affairs of men . . .
They are too High Minded for me!

Once upon a time, there was a Wonderful and Magical Kingdom. Like any other Kingdom, there was a King, a Queen, a Prince and Princess, a Wizard and the Court Jester. The Kingdom like all the other Magical Kingdoms of time, lived in peace. The subjects were a happy people, and the children played joyfully in the fields and gardens. The Sun shined by day, and the Moon by night.

There were no worries anywhere to be found. All the lands and people lived together in love and bliss.
All of the people from the King to the Blacksmith performed their daily tasks without any complaints.
The King ruled,
 the Queen advised the King and did Queenly things.
The Princess and the Prince embraced life for the good.
The Wizard wizarded,
and the Jester made all the Kingdom laugh .

He entertained the people of the kingdom as he often went amongst them on a visit. He especially had an affinity for Children, and he loved them very much. The Children loved him also for Who and As he was, for he was always happy. This was really a “Story Book” Land!

One day a small child asked him, the Jester . . . “Why are you always so happy?” . . . and the Jester replied . . . “I am but a fool in his folly. I know not of these affairs of men . . .  They are too High Minded for me!”

As the people of the Kingdom lived in peace for many years, the word spread to other lands about this Magical place.
We all know that sooner or later . . .

One day a visiting Caravan came upon the Kingdom. In the Caravan were Traders and Wise Men, Magicians and Medicine Men, They were all awed that such a beautiful place existed. They all loved it so much that they desired to find the reason or secret of how this could be, for this was highly unusual and uncommon.
They first went to the King and Queen and inquired. The answer they received was really no answer at all. All the Royal Court could tell them that it was always this way as long as they could remember.

Then they approached the Wizard . . . and all he could say was that it was a magic beyond his power and understanding.

Then they went amongst the village and questioned the people, but they had no reasonable response either. . . then there was the Child. The child told them, they should ask the Jester!
Now this was an unusual approach, for all knew that Jesters were Jokers, and Jokers were Fools, and Fools were Jesters. So, what kind of answer could they possibly expect of a Jester?

But at this time what did they have to lose . . . for there was something beautiful in this Kingdom and they had to possess it!

So they caught up with the Jester and proceeded to question him about every aspect of the Kingdom for hours on end. The Jester listened patiently to their inquiries until the visitors had finally exhausted themselves.  Then the Jester stood and spun around in a circle making Jest, doing what Jesters do. . . and he replied . . . “I am but a fool in his folly. I know not of these affairs of men . . .  They are too High Minded for me!”

They all quizzically looked at each other somewhat irritated and puzzled at the same time.  Then the Jester smiled broadly at them until they smiled back at him, and then he said  again . . . “I am but a fool in his folly. I know not of these affairs of men . . .  They are too High Minded for me!”
. . . but this I do know . . .

As the Sun embraces the Earth and blessed the flowers and gardens with it’s smile, they smile back at him.
As the Moon caresses the night , the evening tide undulates to and fro and thus caresses the lands and nourishes it’s thirst.

As the hands of the people massage and caress the soil of the earth with attentive care, she yields her bounty that our tables may be always full.

As the North Wind blows it gentle breezes across our brow, thereby removing our sweat as we toil in the gardens, we are thankful.

Though I do not care to know the ways of man, the ways of God are sufficient for me.

So, I smile and smiles come back . . .
I caress others with a smile, embrace or kind word, and I myself am soothed.
When I lend my hand to another it comes back full.
And as I sigh, as I often do each day, I offer my breath to God giving Him my thankfulness for His Perfect Creation.

So I say this . . . I humbly submit to you that . . . “I am but a fool in his folly. I know not of these affairs of men . . .  They are too High Minded for me!”

~ wsp ~

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