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Friday, May 25, 2012

Metaphoric dreams

Metaphoric dreams

it seems like i have been dreaming about her for aeons
i often thought of what she would look like
the visions i conjured were all alluring
and moved me in ways i speak not of
save in my own private chambers
of sweaty passionate nights

speaking of nights
many of them i was rendered sleepless
hoping the phone would ring
or there would be that unexpected
yet desired
knock at my door
but it never came
but it was nice to dream any way

it was those dreams
those damn “Someday” dreams
from Monday through Sunday dreams
that made all this loneliness bearable

yes . . .  she would fix it all for me

i used to draw pictures
doodling i think they called it
i could see her face clearly in my head
but i was never quite able to get it on paper
pretty much like that poem
i can not quite grasp
the non-conclusive elusive stuff

i have examined every detail of her face
her body
to include all the secret places
i would discover
that evoked her smiles and giggles
i loved when she wiggled like that
while laying next to me

i could smell her
yes smell her
and taste the texture
of her lips upon my own
who would have known
that this day would truly show up

and i think my eyes are open
for surely my nose was
i am but a mindless puppet
for her
but i don’t mind
just as long as i can
hold on to my
Metaphoric dreams

© 25 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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