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Friday, May 18, 2012

but a breath away

but a breath away

my life has been my Mecca
the road
the journey
the vision
the purpose

all is the fabric
of one symphonic
orchestrated synonym
of expression

where there is music
i am the lute
for breath
is mine to give
to refute
and i realize my latent harmony

the beauty about me
recognizes my presence
and blossoms
within my conscious awareness
that i may see myself

we dance the jig
Life and i
exchanging leads

i submit to her beckoning
and in my reckoning
she responds
to my sweet soft prayers

at times eludes my immediacy
but always revisits
for a tease
enticing me to
gaze upon her reflection

the pristine waters
with flavors of azure
from the conscious oceans of thought
forms lapping waves
which crests it’s self
leaving remnants of it’s visit
in tidal pools
upon the rocky shores
of my desolate beaches
that i may learn the value
of contemplation

and i am ever circumspect

i listen to the syncopated beats
of my pulsing heart
as it keeps perfect time
with the vibratory resonance
of all my experiential-ness
and i begin to implode
in the brilliance within me
liken to that
found in distant multiverses,
a magnanimity that can not
be contained
nor defined

i hear voices whispering
equations of exponential summations
of unquantified infinities
to which only a God
like you
like me
can answer for ourselves

this is reasonable

tis not this fruit
beyond the concept man embraces
of sweetness
the completeness
that we, man, never seems
able to capture

is this the rapture
we all souls of One Soul expressed
as we journey in wonder
this road to our Mecca ?

and as i meditate
upon the concept
of singularity,
my single eye of reason
becomes an unsheathed arrow
and i become the bow
taught and ready
drawn and directed
to an unspecified target
it is viral in nature

i realize again
a higher calling
for my actualization
and i am loosed

i strike the center of “Now-ness”
and i pierce the illusion of time

i am folding the cloth
the fabric of space
upon it’s self
and the epiphany
and simultaneously goes
for therw is only “NOW”
and that is here, where i must ”BE”

a not so ominous truth
it is simple
as am i
but a breath away

so i again
unlock my jaw
part my lips
and divine utterances of joy
copulate with my ‘being-ness’
and each moment
becomes an ecstatic shuddering
of orgasmic thoughts
fulfilling it’s own desires
which were once entombed
in some cloaked memory

but now all stand naked,
before the mirrored altar
of Source
and in a eternal fleeting glimpse
i see you
i see me
i see all the wisping realities
become a supposition
unto it’s own presence

and i breathe
and extend my self
with one more step
of an contextual acuity
of assurity
as i meander
towards that city
on the hill
of the holy
which as am i
a breath away

© 15 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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