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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Lord of Possibilities

The Lord of Possibilities

I had decided to take a hike through the Wood. There were many marvelous things to see. There were Creatures and Crawly Things, Plants and Trees i had never seen before. I was extremely in marvel at the abundance that life presented to me in this Wood upon my journey. I got carried away and lost my bearing, for my mind was not upon the way. I soon became disoriented. But, i did not worry, for the things of Life were so fascinating. As the Sun began to ebb, that is when my consciousness reawakened from it’s slumber to alert me that Time was soon passing into the Twilight of my Day.


It seemed now with every passing moment that the light of the wood faded, thereby offering even more objection to my sorting out and refinding my path. I was beginning to become troubled. I sat down upon a Rock to collect myself from my oncoming urgency and anxieties. I started to imagine all sorts of imaginings about my plight. Will i be able to make it through the night ? What other Creatures lived among the Wood ? Would it get Cold ? . . . That was easy to answer, for i felt an unnerving shiver come upon me from my insides out. It seemed to come from the Bones of my Soul. I hung my head as fear came upon me and my Heart cried out. What other choice did i have ?

Just then at that very moment a strange Light began to glow and come about. I vaguely saw the outline of what i have come to know as a Magical Being as it drew near me. Upon reaching my place of woe, He spoke and said . . . “You Called” ?  I was in wonder, for i do not remember calling. As if He could read my most inner thoughts He replied . . .”But you did” ! In a somewhat state of shock, i began to reason . . . as we humans do. Where did He come from, Who was he ? Again He answered “I am He who was watching you the whole day long.

When you were playing, i felt so gracious for you have come to my Home and took Joy in the Creatures and Verde of the Wood of which ALL are My Creations and thus my Loved Ones.”  He said “In the quiet of the Wood, all things are known, why even your Heartbeat is known to me!” Being somewhat taken aback at His forwardness, i began to panic, and He chided . . . .”Be not afraid, i mean you no harm” “By the way, i am known as the Lorde of Possibilities”. I know what it is you seek” . . . And me the consummate Fool asked ? He replied . . . “a way out!” . . .” a way out of your wilderness”. How right on point He was in His acute observation. Yes, i was becoming overwhelmed with the ubiquitous strangeness of this situation and yes, i wanted to get out . . . . fast!

It seemed as if time stood still for these everlasting moments i encountered this somewhat strange Soul deep in the Wood. Weary i closed my eyes for what i thought but an instant. I finally accepted the fact that He was REAL . . .  this “Lorde of Possibilities”. When i awakened, i found my self at my Computer writing this account about “The Lorde of Possibilities”. In conclusion, i will make it a point real soon, to venture into the Wood and Wilderness to commune with this vaguely familiar Spirit again. The thing that i was left with knowing as a result of this encounter was simply this . . . . “All things are Possible” ! There is always a way out! As we call out with all earnesty and urgency hearts . . . at that very Magical Moment of need, something Divine happens. Please my Beloved Friend let your Magic come about you as you introduce your self to the “Lorde of Possibilities”.

Blessed Be

(c) 7 April 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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