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Tuesday, May 1, 2012



he was chasing Butterflies
i was chasing Demons
for i wanted to build me a Temple
just like my brother

was it wisdom
or the knowing of the names
that gave the ability
to command the legions
ask Issa
he knew
that Solomon knew
the power of word spoken

why do you think we still “Babel” today
what you say ?

this is not token gesture
of info i give to you
just and “in” for
you to understand
that command
comes from the knowing
of how one must be sowing
the spirit of word

Moses spoke
“i conjure”
and that he did
as he spit those words
to alter reality
from a surreality
borne of other dimensions

not to mention
some other lesser shared truths

parting Red Seas to day ?
say, i heard
if i believe
i can . . .  achieve
but how does one conceive
or should i say “incieve” ?

let us make a chant
marry it to a vision
and change the world
they did
but i can’t
seems to be the order
of our days
our ways
for we cling to illusions
that others create
for our ingestion

fall back
listen for God
and call back
or just answer the damn phone
it’s ringing
can’t you hear it
the Angels singing
“come on home where you belong”

Jacob climbed that ladder
Isaiah and Jeremiah
had visions of grandeur
spawned from the Chariots
of Ezekiel’s madness
it is sadness
that we could not have seen
nor learned
how to glean this hull
from our skulls –

duggery is our specialty
as we attempt
to bore our ways to hell
that we may tell
colorful finite stories
of no purpose
but distraction

like the roller coaster ride
at the Disney Land of attraction
we are attracted to the
Dizzy lands
where in the cosmic theme
nothing is eternal
nor seems

our sight is fixed
never aplomb
save when we delude our selves
as our collective senses
collude to the allusions
baited in our schizophrenic
examinations of things

let me have ½ dozen Blue
and Mac,
you better give me the other ½ dozen
yeah, those pills for ills
so i can be balanced
in my vacillations
‘twixt Truth and whatever

forever i was hoping
but in the end
are we really coping
with anything lasting

perhaps the Saints
were fasting
for a reason
i don’t know
i would just like life
to flow
without a hitch
that bitch

my her lips are pretty
and the allure
for sure
is enticing
and the sufficing
i accept
all the while
chasing Demons
while you chase Butterflies

© 1 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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