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Sunday, September 4, 2011

in a Life Time “Here”

in a Life Time “Here”

if a lifetime here
is but a glimpse of light
that peeks through
the fabric of time

let us take note
of eternity
for we have lived
countless lifetimes

in the Halls of the Cerebrally Astute
the Institute of Intelligence
can we come to know
the Hand of the Designer

i look at the vastness
of the Star adorned night sky
and smallness of self
becomes exponential
and touches things
incapable of being imagined
and awe can not touch
this feeling

the twinkling lights
of the night
beckon wonder
just in their being
can we hear the call
of our souls
reflecting upon it’s self ?
reverberating it’s name

all my soul can do
is dance in recognition
for i was there
when the song was created
He says

the light muses
enrapture my consciousness
until the matter of thought
and becomes the ether
permeating the essence
of the manifesting potential
which never comes
for my wonder
is ever evolving
as is that of thy own

and all that is known
is less than a drop
in the Ocean of “IS-ness”
for life is a perpetual seed
to “BE”
in a Life Time “Here”

© 1 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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