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Monday, September 19, 2011

you here with me

you here with me

i have dreamed the dream
of my 40 Virgins
and i was given a thousand
yet they are despoiled
in the presence
of thy Divine Etheric Beauty

i know the road was not easy
and i have been here
waiting your arrival

over the many aeons
of being apart
i have suffered
as i know thou has
as well

i dreamed of things
that i may distract myself
from what was missing in my life
but they would not do
they only served to annoy me

i dreamed of other souls
that would perhaps come
and cajole my anxieties
into pleasure
but my love
you are the only treasure i desire
you are that spark
that ignites this soul’s fire
to yearn for completion

i am not whole
without you
i am but a vagrant soul
drifting upon the winds of eternity
diligently eyeing
the plains
the fabric of space
praying that one day
i may fall
from these clouds
of complacent illusion
and land
in a place of understanding
where i may
for all the rest of days
that are held
within the breath of infinity

i wish but to
see you face again
embrace you again
taste you again
and again
until the endless fabric
of God
comes undone
and we know
that can not be

we are destined
to be again as one

one love
one heart
one thought
one breath

i shall withhold my breath of hope
until my lips are upon that of thine own
for  thou art mine

and i shall exhale
in reverent gratitude
as our journey to self
found in each other
with the waking from the Dream
becoming as it should be
with . . .
you here with me

© 19 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Janet said...

Lovely, touched me to my soul..xo

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

then the write is righteous for that alone was my intention . . . all love to you